Hello World!!!!!

What a wonderful day we are resting in.  Did you notice I said resting in?  That is truly how God intended our lives to be BUT we take control of things and the rest is history….

Just in case you are wondering, the purpose of this Blog is truly not about me or a ministry but instead the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.   All that is written on here will be God inspired without any compromise.  So please share this with all that you know to help get the word out so that we can share Living Water with a dry & thirsty world.

Moving forward now…

How many have felt that they have been walking through their very own wilderness experience?  I know that I have, but during that time I have come to know a greater presence of God than ever before.  I am not saying that He placed me here, I needed no help there!  What I am saying is  that as I have pressed closer to Him, I have felt Him closer to me.  Things have become clearer and the Word has become so much more alive to me & in me.  But just a short time ago, all I wanted to do was find a corner and hide and just close my eyes hoping it would all go away.  But it didn’t and I had to shake the dust off and move forward.  Sounds easy, but sometimes we need a loving push and a good kick in the rear and I got it!

We must realize that the Blood of Jesus qualifies us to have constant access to the Most High God.  A 24/7/365 connection to Him, His anointing, His supply, His protection, His peace, His everything; so even in a desert I have ALL I need to enjoy life to the fullest!

So wherever you are today in this great big beautiful world, take hold of what is yours.  Stop looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and start walking in the light through the tunnel of life.  Life is going to have its ups and downs but just make a decision to enjoy the ride no matter what!

Always remember to live Extreme for Him in ALL that you do,


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