For the last year and a half, I have been led by the Holy Spirit to a place in my studies I had not really thought about.  In all reality, I had thought in that direction, but just not to the depth in which I am now dwelling in it.  I started studying the Kings & Priests (goers and the senders), first as the type and shadow we see in the Old Testament which is still God’s very active design today, just the same as the tithe and offering is.  I moved into the Kingdom thinking, and the government of God, which is the place where I am today.  I have described it to many as “deep sea diving in the Word.” 

 (The last time I spoke on the peace of God, a powerful testimony of the power of God was placed on my blog – which you can read yourself; I know it will bless you.)  We are a people that should dwell in peace 24/7/365, or at least that is what God’s design was to be.  Paul said in Philippians 4:11 “Not that I am implying that I was in any personal want, for I have learned how to be content (satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed or disquieted) in whatever state I am.”  You won’t find in the Word that it says anything about having no attacks, but we do have an assurance when they come and the Word says it well.  We know Paul went through so much in his ministry, but we also see the way he responded to the attacks against him, and the right response goes a long way!

 His Kingdom design for us was to have dominion, according to Genesis 1:26-28.  We gave up the right to that dominion, but Jesus paid the price for us to get it back.  However, we still act like we never did get it back.  That plan is described in Genesis 3 where God pronounced a curse on Satan.  Right there in Genesis 3, was the first mention of the Messiah coming to restore God’s Kingdom design.  So what are we to do with His dominion that has been granted to us?  Rule & reign over that which He has entrusted us with: His Kingdom.

 What is dominion?  By definition it is this: “The power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority, rule; control; domination of a territory, usually of considerable size, in which a single ruler ship holds sway; lands or domains subject to sovereignty or control. Government; a territory constituting a self-governing commonwealth.  That’s the dominion we have or at least were created to have and walk in.

 So I want to challenge you!  I challenge you to look at your life, at every area of it.  Then in the Word, find the scripture that relates to that area and declare your authority over it now and forevermore!  You won’t regret it!

 Guatemala Mission Trip, Seminar & Hero’s Outreach

When I started traveling full time for the ministry following the accident, mine and Debbie’s desire was to be a blessing to the ministry and to the places that we go to around the world.  As we travel internationally, although it is a ministry function, I have always stood by faith to raise support for these trips and not have to take it from the ministry.  We are leaving in just 12 short days for Guatemala where we will be doing a 3 day seminar, a Hero outreach to the fire fighters, and then Sunday services before heading back home.  I am so excited about this trip as I will be teaching on Kingdom Prosperity.  The budget for this trip has not been fully met YET, but I know my God is faithful as He has been for all of the other trips in past years.

***Guatemala Trip Budget:  $1,200 Mission Trip/Seminar  plus $500  Hero’s Outreach to the Guatemalan Fire Fighters  – Total $1,700 

But I do also know that He uses us as avenues of blessings & conduits of increase.  By seeding into the ministry He has called us to, you become a partaker of every life that is touched and every soul that is brought to Christ without ever physically leaving your city.  You can sow into this outreach or become a monthly partner by clicking on the partnership page of this blog.

Hero’s Outreach

My background before ministry life was in the EMS/FF/Search & Rescue field.  If you have the desire to help people like this, it never leaves you.  Still to this day, I am the chaplain for the local volunteer FD and continue to have an active Emergency Medical certification and teach throughout the year.  

Some years ago, the Lord opened a door in a fire department in Panama that has remained open to this day.  We train and minister to them and have seen in excess of 300 fire fighters give theirs lives to Christ.  We have also held this outreach in Paraguay and now are very excited about an upcoming outreach in Guatemala next month!  One of our missionaries, Debby Roth, did an outreach last year to the Police Dept. there in Guatemala and she had it on her heart to reach out to the fire fighters, as well.  God sent Debby to talk to the chief and the door has been opened.  This coming May, while I am there to teach and minister in a seminar, we will also be ministering to the fire fighters and imparting Godly leadership skills along with some very needed practical medical skills.   

Here is a link to keep up with this event.  Fire Fighter Outreach  

Special Opportunity 

As you might have noticed in the lower part of our e-mails we have been listing a needs list.  We have had a special opportunity to get two of the items for a great price. We can get a Sony DSLR camera for $300 and a Mac laptop refurbished but still a great opportunity for $500.  So we can get 2 of the items off the list for less than what we had thought we would be looking at for the one laptop.  Thank you in advance for your prayers and support with these items…

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