His way is perfect…

ImageMany of the issues we have today are the direct response to the fact that people get a glimpse of God and His Son, Jesus, in the church but the revelation of His Kingdom is missed.  We speak on love, grace, faith, prosperity and every other topic we can find, but never giving people a foundation with which to stand on with those topics.  It’s like a car seat with no car or an ink pen with no ink cartridge; it’s only a part of the pieces we need to have completeness.

 In 2 Samuel 22:31AMP version it says, “As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried.  He is a Shield to all those who trust and take refuge in Him.”  If God’s way is perfect, then His Kingdom is perfect and if His Kingdom is perfect, then everything pertaining to it is perfect.  All the topics I mentioned above are topics of the Kingdom, but they are not the Kingdom.  We need to build people a Kingdom reality and then fill it with the pieces from there.  But, instead, we give them the pieces and hope that they can put them altogether for themselves.  This is where frustration and loss of hope come into the picture. 

 We tell them to pray and receive their healing or financial miracle without teaching them the Kingdom and so they never fully realize that miracles are simply a natural law of the Kingdom and nothing more than luck in the worldly kingdom.  Kingdom reality is the key to walking in what God has for you as either Kings or Priests. 

There is much more to come!!!!  


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