The Kingdom – Part 1

Last week I spoke on “His way is perfect” and this week we are going to be looking at the Kingdom even more.  I am referring to a Kingdom that His perfect Word created.  Now we all know that because of a decision by man, this perfect Kingdom was turned over to another.  One not qualified to rule and reign over anything more than the pit of hell.  A new kingdom was birthed, but one of no perfection or supply without toil…

What God created had no toil; it truly was founded and supplied for not by anything other than Godly supply.  It was about relationship, between God and man and that was something Satan truly did not, nor could not understand!  Nothing has changed; it is still about a relationship between God and man and will always be that way.  It starts with a revelation of our need for Christ and then asking Him to come into our lives and be our Lord and Savior and then moving into a true understanding of Kingdom revelation which is where the church comes in.  The church is to disciple and build a Kingdom foundation that cannot be washed away when the storms of life come.  But much of the time, the teaching people are receiving are topics of the Kingdom which without foundation, are just sifted through as the storms roll in.

My heart is to bring foundation to the body through these teachings of the Kingdom and this is what this blog will be focusing on.  I know with foundational understanding, much fruit will be manifested in the lives of God’s children.

I pray you are ready for the adventure of your life, because it already began when you started reading this post.  Debbie and I pray God’s richest over you and all that you put your hands to do.

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