Kingdom Thinking Thoughts – week 24

Here is a recap of this last week’s Kingdom Thinking thoughts. The last two weeks, I focused on Kingdom Characteristics which is from my teaching on “The Eight Pillars of the Kingdom”. I hope you enjoy them and it would really be a blessing if you could forward these to others you know.

Kingdom thinking: Kingdom Characteristic – acknowledgement that Christ is the Lord over your life in ALL areas.

Kingdom thinking: Kingdom Characteristic – a childlike faith is key. Simple belief because Dad said so, without explanation or concern.

Kingdom thinking: Kingdom Characteristic – forgiveness – the Kingdom is based on love, and unforgiveness blocks love from ruling our lives!

Kingdom thinking: Kingdom Characteristic – dreamer – you were born to dream. Dreamers are visionaries. So dream, and dream BIG!

Kingdom thinking: NON-kingdom characteristics-pride, lies, murder, sin, contention, false witness, Prov. 6:16 describes this!

I would love to hear back from you on your thoughts, prayer requests & praise reports.

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