The Kingdom Foundations – Part 2….

Do you ever feel like you are in a day to day drowning of life, family, work, church and the list can just keep going?  So does this describe you and your life?  It’s almost like the action hero who is running from the runaway boulder that is chasing him through the cave.  At some point, he has to do something different before the boulder rolls him into a hero pancake!  Well we have to also do something, before life makes a pancake of us!

The more I study and meditate on all the Word says about the Kingdom, a clearer picture is opened in front of me.  We need to get a bigger picture of who we are with Christ in our lives.  (Before Christ was in our lives, we can get a picture of who we were and that was based on what we had and how much we made.  Because in the wordly kingdom, it is all about status.)  What’s sad, that thinking has made its way into ministry, also, BUT I am not going there, at least not now on this blog entry =)

So what picture do you see of your life?

What is the picture that you want to see?

All you have to do is first change your view and that is done by making Him your Lord, and then in His Word find out what He says about you.

Homework, yes homework!

1.     What image you are you made in?

2.     What power do you have in your words?

3.     According to the Word, what level of works will you be able to do?  And why?

So you must find yourself in His Word daily and by that I mean you should read the Word and see yourself in it!  This is how the Kingdom foundation is laid.

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