Kingdom Thinking Thoughts – Recap week 25

Here is a recap of this last weeks Kingdom Thinking thoughts. I hope you enjoy them and it would really be a blessing if you could forward these to others you know.

Kingdom thinking: HUGE difference between having a ministry & a life that is a ministry in itself! It’s a lifestyle, not an occupation.

Kingdom thinking: let not this world, theological issues or other such things distract from the road God has called you to. Stay focused!

Kingdom thinking: it’s not your way to fulfillment & success, but instead God’s. Prov. 20:24 “Man’s steps are ordered by the Lord.”

Kingdom thinking: “it’s less about resources & more about intention”
Bob Goff

Kingdom thinking: the first step can be the hardest at times but also the most productive with the fulfillment of your dreams.

I would love to hear back from you on your thoughts, prayer request & praise reports.

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