Prioritizing Your Life – week 26

First of all, I’m sorry for the lateness of this post, as my intentions are to release these every Monday.  However, I got busy this weekend and then before I knew it, I was on into this week.  I just entered into a new year of my life, being that I turned 44 the beginning of this week and to some, they would say, “That is old” and others would say, “That is young”.  But to me, it is just another number/age.  But as I did enter into this new year, I made a more focused stand on my life and all that I have been called to do.  I set back and look at some of the wasted years of my life and know that I can’t get them back, but what I can do is make the best of what is here and now.  I tweeted this on my Kingdom Thinking thoughts yesterday “first step to changing the here & now is changing the perspective of how you see your life.”   I realized I must change my entire perspective on things.  I must face the day to day challenge in a much different way.  Not in “How will I overcome?” but already knowing that through Christ it is over taken!

What are my priorities?  My God is first, then my spouse, my children and then my calling.  I have learned so much from a man named Michael Hyatt and he teaches that if those priorities I just listed above are out of order, then so is everything else!  Sometimes we get things out of order and we suffer, toil and live in stress and heartache and never figure out why.  One day we wake up and wonder what happened to the life I had and how did I get to this life that I am living in?  Easy answer – your priorities are out of order and this puts everything else out of order.  I am not saying I am perfect (my wife could write her own blog on that, but we are not going to go there), but I am taking this walk I have been walking and living it through this blog for the world to read and learn from.  Life is a classroom and every day we must learn, grow and advance.  Most of us do not have a plan for our life and so without a plan, we just get tossed all around and life passes us by.  It’s time to change that and make a plan and prioritize things.

The more I study Kingdom Reality, the more I see God’s plan unfold and it makes me think about what I have been talking about above.  I want to encourage you today to write down your priorities and let your spouse look at them and see if they really are in order in regards to how you are living them.  We must be honest with ourselves and be willing to hear from those who are closest to us.


1.      What are the order of your priorities?

2.      If you shared these with your loved ones, would they agree?

3.      What can you do today to reorganize those things that are out of order?

I close the entry with this.  If you see your life is out of order then DO NOT wait until tomorrow to fix it.  You can never get back time and you also can’t repair regret, but you can do something about it right now.

I want to hear back from you regarding this topic.  Please email your input to

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