Finding The Time – Part II

So how’s your homework assignment coming along?  I outlined this homework in my last blog post, which you can refer back to it from here before you go any further, if need be. CLICK HERE TO READ LAST WEEK’S BLOG POST

You cannot change what you can’t even identify.  By moving forward with this journal, you will see your days unfold on paper right before your eyes.  This will help you make an educated strategic plan of attack which can bring forth much fruit in your lives.

Hopefully, you can now clearly see some areas that might need attention in your life.  It might be in your health with regards to your eating and fitness.  Using someone else’s plan is not bad BUT realize it is their plan and not yours.  Truly “one size” does NOT fit all, but you can gleam insight from what others have done.  Watch out for the failure pit!  The failure pit is a spot in the road of life where disappointment grabs you and you cannot shake it loose.  Sometimes in using someone else’s plan, you might not get the results they got and disappointment can set in and cause you to give up.  This can happen and you never even realize what is happening, until it is too late.  I myself have fallen in this pit countless times; but in June of last year (2011), my wife and I made some changes that just over a year later have been life changing.  (I have to add a note in here regarding how God can also put people in our lives to help.  I had a friend come into my life around June, who was a huge key, in which God used in my health and eating to help me get to the place where I am today.  Michael G., you know who you are and thank you, my friend!)  Now today, Debbie and I feel stronger than we ever have at any other point in our lives.

So what’s the secret plan?  First, you must get some wisdom in the area that you are struggling in and wanting to change.  This wisdom can come from researching how others had success in the area or areas you are desiring to see change; but also, the greatest wisdom comes as you take the time to read the Word of God and meditate on what you are reading.  Then taking that wisdom and through prayer finding out what fits you and your life and then making a plan.  Now it’s time to put your plan into action AND DO NOT LOOK BACK!!!!  Again, this life is NOT “one size fits all”, but you find what fits you and you walk it out into a place of great success.

Now all that I just said can be applied to every area of your life; spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally and socially.  But it’s going to take time, patience, and a willpower that is not going to allow the potholes in the road of life to hold you back or knock you out of the race.  YOU CAN DO IT!


 Stick to your 31 Day journal & take control of the here and now!  Just a side note here about journals; journals are so important and should be a part of all of our lives and you should daily beyond this 31 day journal, be living out your life in its pages.  WHY? For your future generations to know about you and the life you lived.  You should learn from each other’s errors and successes.  So just let this be food for thought.

I would love to hear back from you on how this went, your testimonies and whatever else you would like to share or even ask.   You can email me at directly or post your thoughts and comments on this blog.  Always remember to keep pressing forward and DO NOT LOOK BACK!

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1 thought on “Finding The Time – Part II

  1. I would like to thank you my friend for coming into my life! The Lord used you to transform my life Spiritually!! I am forever Blessed!! You truly manifest Jesus even after we had worked 40 hours and at 3 am in the morning on a ambulance, what a Man of God!!! Michael Gutierrez

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