From Here To There


I know that everyone if not at the time of reading this, then at some point in their life, have wondered how to get to the place called THERE.

If you are at this time in your life wondering how to get to that place, again realize that you are not alone.  Also realize that there is no age, race, or gender limitations.  You might be dissatisfied and needing a fresh start or just trying to get to that next place in life.  Whichever it is,  just realize they are both in reach more than you know.  As long as you are breathing, then that place is always just one move closer to you. Now I am not going to say to just walk away from the job you have.  No, because they are investing into your future.  See them as a partner in your success and not a weight that is keeping you from getting to THERE!  If you will learn to manage the here and the now and treat what you already have as I mentioned above, as an investment, then your success is even closer than you think.

Let’s line out some thoughts to better define what I am talking about:
1.  When serving your life investor (your present job) then serve with excellence and as the Bible says, “as unto the Lord”.  When you are there for them, be there for them and them only.

2.  When you are on your own time, use it wisely, balancing it between God, family, friends and dreams.  If you will learn to balance these areas and use them to the fullest, then again THERE is right at hand. I remember reading about a writer who became famous and who was greatly published and movies were made after her writings.  It seemed she had the balance in order and her success came in due season.  You too can do the same because they are principles for all and not just made for one person.

3.  Life and success and the arrival into THERE is not just done by doing what someone else did to get to their THERE.  This journey is not “one size fits all” but instead is about taking the above principles and
applying your life to them; you too can write the book of your life to success.

So this is your wake-up call and the train is now leaving the station to the place called THERE!  Are you ready to board the adventure of a life?

Debbie and I would love to hear back from you , with your testimonies and whatever else you would like to share or even ask.   You can email me at or post your thoughts and comments on this blog.  Always remember to keep pressing forward and DO NOT LOOK BACK!

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