No More Excuses


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, or so its been said!  I know you have probably heard this statement many times.  It has a great truth behind it, telling us to take the sour things in life and make them desirable.

Life is not without opportunities no matter who you are or where you are from. Money, fame, and success does not exempt you from them. But no matter what, we cannot make up excuses for as to why these things are happening.  You cannot blame it on your parents, music, this world or anything else, because when you do, you are increasing the power of those situations in your life.  The Bible tells us that we have an enemy but that through Jesus, we have a very sure victory.  At any given moment, a storm can show up on the horizon of life; but we can through Christ Jesus overcome and conquer.  And when others are going through the storms, we need to be supportive and loving even if we do not have the solution or perfect words to say.

Today is a new day and a fresh start is at hand.  You can put behind you whatever it is that has been holding you back. Stop allowing the excuses to have the authority you have been giving them and stand strong and move beyond whatever it is!  But to do this, you must first know Whose you are, so that you can know who you are.  Because Whose you are, sets the stage for who you are able to be and what you are able to do in this life we have been so blessed with.

Today, take a fresh look at yourself and decide once and for all that you are not defined by a past or a person, but instead by design.  A Godly design that goes beyond all natural understanding that is defined in Genesis 1:26-28.

I just heard this statement made, “Sometimes we have to travel a long road to go a short distance”.  No matter how long the road might feel, always know that the end of it is close at hand.

Debbie and I would love to hear back from you , with your testimonies and whatever else you would like to share or even ask.  You can email me at or post your thoughts and comments on this blog.  Always remember to keep pressing forward and DO NOT LOOK BACK!


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