Kingdom Leadership

If you are a leader by title or just by example, there is always room for growth. We never come to the end of the learning cycle of life. Throughout history, we have had some great examples of leadership; but not one person has or ever will be greater than the example that Jesus was, is and will always be. In this blog post, I want to focus on a man named Abram or better known to many, as “Abraham”.

I recently took some time to re-read about the life of Abram and his transition to a man called Abraham. Something I saw while I was reading was the great example Abraham was to us as a “Kingdom Leader”. Now the best way to get a clear picture of this is to take time and read about his life starting in Genesis 12 and see how God changed his life through his decisions of obedience – IT’S TRULY AWESOME! And to know that we have an even “better promise”, secured via what Jesus did at the cross for us, is beyond words. I heard it termed this way, “Abraham is a Kingdom prototype” and I do believe that to be very true!

I want to lay out 3 leadership traits Abraham showed in his life that ALL leaders should walk in:

1. A faithful & loyal leader will risk ALL to venture into the unknown for the vision or cause that he or she has been called into. This shows the passion we have for the cause! (In Genesis 12:1-5 we can read about how Abram/Abraham risked all to follow God’s command.)

2. A Godly leader is NOT moved by facts but presses beyond in faith. (In Genesis 17:1-27 we read how Abraham & Sarah were not moved by the facts of age that tried to tell them that they could not have what God had promised them.)

3. Godly leaders will sacrifice all to fulfill the God-given call on their lives. (In Genesis 22:1-19 we see how Abraham moved on God’s command no matter how strange it sounded. BUT let me note here, that God is NOT going to have you sacrifice your family for the calling, because the ultimate and final sacrifice has already been offered through Jesus.)

I believe if we will make the decision to put these 3 qualities into effect in our lives, we cannot fail!

I want to challenge you to take leadership to a new level of excellence in your life and watch the fruit of it come alive around you.

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Leadership

  1. VERY GOOD POINTS!! Just read something that impressed me:The devil is never discouraged, always ready to accuse God s people, so my thought was–I am never discouraged, but always ready to lift up God s people!!! In spite of everything, God is bringing His ranch into being!!!

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