Pursuing Your Passion





I recently read a quote online from the iconic Steve Jobs. It went something like this, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle”. It is true, we need to find our passion and pursue it.

I read one definition of passion that describes it as: “A strong and barely controllable emotion”. So what is your passion? Mine is to touch lives in all that I do.

Whether you love or hate Apple and the late Steve Jobs, he was a man with passion. People like Bill Gates, Katy Perry, Henry Ford, Walt Disney; the list goes on and on with names of people who have followed their passions. History is full of men and women that had passion to change the present time they lived in which impacted the future that was ahead of them. But only one had enough passion to impact the past, present and future all in one life. His name was Jesus, and He is my all in all in everything!

Passion is what pushes us beyond to think about others almost to the point of risking our own lives. Passion is what pushes a fireman, law enforcement officer or a soldier to put their lives on the line and risk all to save a life that they do not know. Passion moves mountains and changes the here and now and affects the outcome of tomorrow.

I urge you to daily pursue your passions with all your heart.


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