Living In Today…

Welcome to a new day! No matter when you do read this post, you are standing in a new day.

Do you ever find yourself living in regret for yesterday? I, much of the time, beat myself up for what I did not accomplish in yesterday, only to find it held me back in the today that I am standing in. Sound familiar? Many do the exact same thing and when we do that, through thoughts of “how can I make up for the past days” we then lose the present day, as well. The very same thing happens when I spend all day today worrying about tomorrow.

Kicking ourselves for past dropped “to do list items” and worrying how we will take care of tomorrow’s needs are the killers of the “here and now dreams”.

I am sure we have all heard the statement: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a present” or something like that 🙂

It’s true however the statement goes. Today is just that, a present in the present. Stop wasting the present trying to fix what cannot be changed or what is unsure if it will ever arrive! BUT what you do with today and in this day, sets the stage for tomorrow; so live it to the fullest and be very extreme about it.

Never waste what you cannot get back.

So this day, live extreme in all that you do and live as if today was the last day you had to do it in!

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