Kingdom Living, Kingdom Giving


Let’s talk about MONEY!!!! MONEY, MONEY, MONEY…. I think you get the picture =)

Money is for sure a hot topic. How can I make more, spend less and last but not least, how much should I tithe/sow? If any one topic has been talked about more than most, I would say this is it, both from a Christian perspective and also from a worldly perspective. Marriages are destroyed, businesses are lost, and friendships are sunk because of this one topic.

Now I say this with a great deal of boldness; seeing how the world has done it, shows nothing long term. I can read one day about a company reaching billionaire status, only to read a short time later that it has gone bankrupt. But “go figure”, anything built on a selfish, greed based concept cannot last the tides of time. People are blinded daily by these well dressed sharks on TV and Radio that promise you “3 steps to wealth” if you send them $300. First, most of the time their wealth is made via the $300 people are sending in and not from the crazy idea they cooked up while sitting at home, just like the one who is sending them their $300. If it is a quick route, run the other way!!!

The best way to attain wealth and one with eternal success, assurance, and promise, is in the Bible. I read “give and it shall be given” and “seek first the Kingdom” and I find myself on a path to success like no other. By Kingdom design we were created to be givers. A great example is like a farmer; he sows his seed and that seed brings forth a harvest. The world says “take” while the Bible says “give”. The entire worldly system is based on a “What can I get from you?” mentality. Think about it, the government cannot make it without your support. The guy on the TV with the next get rich quick scheme, can’t get by without your money. But by Kingdom design, God’s system of increase is based purely on sowing and reaping a multiplied harvest. You can read back through history at some of the greatest millionaires and billionaires and they were seed sowers. They knew the power of the seed sown into good ground produced a bountiful harvest.

Many reading this blog have tried the phone cards, real estate, and I could just keep listing the schemes of man. However, I can open the Bible and see by kingdom design how we were created to prosper. The Bible talks about your prosperity more than any other topic. The design for increase is so that others may increase and not that we become a hoarder of the harvest.

So I want to challenge you, start searching the Bible and make note of what it says about your increase and you will notice a pattern. Kingdom increase is just that. It is made to increase the Kingdom and by that, all will finally hear the good news about our Jesus and we simply get to enjoy the reward of it.
I pray God’s richest over you and all you put your hands to do!

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Living, Kingdom Giving

  1. Thank you for you Blog Keith and Debbie. It brought to mind, the Bible Verse, “Unless the Lord builds the House, they labor in vain that build it!” We must seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…… by applying His Word to our daily lives, regarding finances, and every other area of our life, thoughts, and character. Then God can bring about a change in our lives, and in the economic situations of life – personally, and in business or ministry. We must follow God’s plan in every area, so that He can bless us, and so He can trust us to use these blessings in a way that would honor Him. He loves to bless His children with the good of the land… For the sake of His covenant (people will see how God blesses us and will see that God is good, and loving) and for the sake of the Kingdom (to finance the Gospel)! Thank you, God for being so good!

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