Kingdom Thinking Thoughts & Ministry Update for the Week October 29th

I know this is late, but I still needed to post last week’s Kingdom Thinking Recap and ministry update.
Debbie and I are preparing to leave this week for Guatemala for our International Directors meetings and also a seminar, along with our Bible Institute Graduation.  This is a highlight each year, as we see new Kingdom warriors step out and into their calling fully equipped with the essential Kingdom tools for discipling a lost and thirsty world.
We are already preparing and scheduling for 2013 meetings and if you would be interested in having us at your church, ministry, business, school, etc., then send us an e-mail and we can get you all the details to make this happen.
Here is a recap of last week’s Kingdom Thinking Thoughts.  I pray each one comes alive in you as you read them.

Monday – Kingdom Thinking:  Money is much like a hammer.  It’s simply a tool to fulfill a task. 

Tuesday – Kingdom Thinking:  No matter what level of success you attain, NEVER forget Who your true supplier really is. 

Wednesday – Kingdom Thinking:   It’s not IF God will supply any & all your needs, but that He already has supplied them.

Thursday – Kingdom Thinking:  Faith is what you know but trust is the action.  Faith & trust – the twin towers of change for this day. 

Friday – Kingdom Thinking:  God makes impossibilities, possibilities for His kids. 

Debbie and I would love to hear from you with your questions, comments, prayer requests and/or testimonies. We pray you have a truly blessed day and week in all that you put your hands to do!

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Thinking Thoughts & Ministry Update for the Week October 29th

  1. there are so many instances when one word changes everything.

    IF God comes through – or WHEN he comes through
    IF I die – or WHEN I die
    IF we hold onto HIS promises – or WHEN we do!

    one word, makes all the difference.

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