Kingdom Thinking – Week of November 26th

Can you say MERRY CHRISTMAS????

I can’t believe that December is here and Christmas and a brand new year are just around the corner. But it’s true and so what do we do? We take this month and make it the best of 2012 and the launching pad for 2013.

The purpose of the Kingdom Thinking blog is to help bring Kingdom Reality to a lost world that truly has no hope without Jesus. So many think they don’t need Him or they can live with a foot in the world and a foot in the Kingdom, but we know how this will workout for them…. BAD!!!!

I pray that last week’s daily post will be a blessing to you in some way and please feel free to share them with all you know.

So away we go!!!!

Kingdom Thinking: Complaining moves no mountains….

Kingdom Thinking: Victory & defeat start in our thoughts but manifest through our words. Prov. 18:21

Kingdom Thinking: If you are able to read this post, then it’s not too late! No better time than NOW for a fresh start and new beginning.

Kingdom Thinking: Don’t be as the nine lepers in Luke 17, but instead give God continual praise for ALL He has done for you!

Kingdom Thinking: Release yesterday to history and do not relive it!

Well that’s it for now, but I know God has some rich Kingdom thoughts for next week.

So eyes up and keeping moving forward for the best is yet to come!

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