Kingdom Thinking Recap for the week of December 3rd.

Prasie the Lord for His Mercy truly does endure FOREVER!!!

I simply can’t praise the Lord enough to thank Him for the life He has given me.

I pray your week was blessed but no matter how blessed it was, the best is yet to come!

I pray that the Kingdom Thinking post from last week will echo in your heart and mind and that daily you truly are Kingdom thinkers.

Kingdom Thinking: Stop focusing on what you don’t have but focus instead on what God has blessed you with. Create a thankful list for daily review.

Kingdom Thinking: Never chase a pay check but instead seek first the Kingdom & then obey the direction. Matt 6:33

Kingdom Thinking: DO NOT let need dictate your dreams. Phil 4:19

Kingdom Thinking: The greatest adventure novel ever should be the one you live every day.

Kingdom Thinking: Simplify!!!

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