Gear Up! (Part 5) “Purpose”

Gear Up


What is purpose? It’s the reason for which something is done or the reason for which something exists.

I just wrote a partner letter for the ministry, in which I talked about David and the five stones he went into battle with. While I was in prayer this morning, the Lord started speaking to me about this once again.

Do you think that the stones that David pulled from the brook in 1 Samuel 17:40 where there by accident? Of course not! He did not grab just any handful of stones, either. The verse reads, “He chose for himself five smooth stones”. He made the decision on which stones he would use based on their design.

Let’s now look at another one of God’s creations that is designed for a purpose just as those stones were. YOU!!!! You were designed by God Himself, in “His Image”; not just any image. God does nothing randomly or by accident, but instead, with purpose, and on purpose.

Until David selected the stones and put them in his sling, and then released them, they would never serve their purpose. But when they were released, a giant that put fear into an entire army fell for good! One young man and one stone with direction, anointed for a purpose, and history was made. You have a purpose! You are not an accident or mistake, no matter what you have ever been told. God has designed you to live a Kingdom life and today is the best day to start. It’s time to forget about what has been and step into what really, really matters. Our purpose is revealed through a relationship with God. Matt 6:33 says, “Seek first the Kingdom” and in this instruction, our purpose is revealed.

Get alone with God and find your purpose, your specific task in the Kingdom; step into it, and never look back. It does not matter what life has been like until this day; with Kingdom purpose you can be more than your have ever imagined! Doing more! Going further! Living life larger than you ever thought possible, while making a greater difference for His Kingdom!

So “EYES UP & GEAR UP” for the best is at hand!

Please feel free to leave any comments you have below.

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