Gear Up! (Part 6) “SHIFT”


Last year (2012), I started hearing inside of me of a spiritual shift that would be taking place. As I started preparing for this blog post, I heard the word “shift” once again and so I spent some time meditating on just that one word. The definition of the word shift is “to move or cause to move from one place to another.” But as I prayed about this, I knew I was hearing the word shift as an acronym, instead of just a word.

David stood before Goliath and he experienced a shift (1 Sam. 17). Daniel encountered his SHIFT as he spent the night in the lion’s den (Dan. 6). So many others encountered the same type of SHIFT in the heat of battle or in the face of circumstances. What is this SHIFT? It’s what you need at the right moment. It’s Spiritual Help In Fearful Time – SHIFT. This SHIFT is kingdom intervention in His perfect timing. It is the moving of kingdom assets or intervention right when we really need it and not when you think or feel you need it.

Three guys and a fiery furnace experienced a SHIFT that redefined all natural circumstances, such that when they walked through and out of the furnace, they did not even smell of smoke! Now, anyone who has ever been around smoke of any type, knows that the smell gets on you quickly and sticks; but not so in a kingdom SHIFT. You come out and don’t even smell of smoke! Many would say, “Well, that is impossible” and you are right UNLESS a SHIFT takes place, as it did for Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego (Dan. 3).

You could even look at the fishermen who spent all day fishing with no catch, but as soon as Jesus showed up, a shift happened and the rest is history (Luke 5). Kingdom assets were moved to bring forth a catch beyond words and almost beyond what they could handle in the natural.

What is the SHIFT, the Spiritual Help In Fearful Time that you need in your life right now? Do you need a physical SHIFT as the woman with the issue of blood needed (Luke 8)? Is it a financial SHIFT such as the widow woman and her sons (2Kings 4) were in need of? Could it even be one so extreme as the one Lazarus encountered when he died (John 11)?

Whatever the SHIFT might be, He has already put Kingdom assets in motion for it. It’s not our problem to live life worrying about how, what, or even when. We are to live life on purpose, with purpose, making the greatest impact for the Kingdom that can be made in the time we have.

So “EYES UP & GEAR UP” for the best is at hand!

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