Gear Up! (Part 7) “Outside The Wire”


I’m sure most have heard the military term “outside the wire”. You might have heard it from family, friends, in a movie or on the news. In the military world, it means leaving the protection of base camp; which in today’s war, base camp is not necessarily always a safe place either, with the weapons that are out there. But, you get the picture….

We have soldiers from every branch, daily going outside the wire to protect your’s and mine’s freedom. They put their lives on the line for those they don’t know. Even with Fire/Rescue, EMS, & Law Enforcement, they have a zone which to them is outside the wire or also called the hot zone, where they put their lives on the line in the very same way.

You might be reading this and have never been in the military, or part of Fire/Rescue, EMS, or Law Enforcement, but you daily still find yourself outside the wire in life. However, this is not God’s design.
God created a perfect Kingdom with no war, lust, sickness, disease, or any other such thing. He created a Kingdom that was truly perfect in every way. It was a place which for a lack of better words, was “inside the wire”.

Now Christ came and died (John 3:16) and put restoration back in the Kingdom for you and I. BUT we still are in a world that is fighting for its darkness. We are surrounded by evil people who really don’t understand they are fighting a lost battle. No matter how many die or how many wrong government decisions are made, the evil that’s around will not ever prevail.

Just like our soldiers, we are daily to go outside the wire and into a world that does not want us to succeed. It does not want us to fulfill our dreams. It wants to beat us down and try and make us give up. But life does not have to win and being beyond the wire does not have to be a fearful place. The war zone of life is a battle field of loss only for the weak. The strong, not by physical strength, but those with a burning desire to please the Father and a unrelenting trust in His love for us, will win. It is true that only the strong survive, but the strength for survival can’t be our own, it must be Kingdom strength.

So leave last week where it belongs – in the past! It’s a new week with a fresh start. Determine that whichever side of the wire you are on, you are there living in victory and not trying to make it a destination.

So eyes up and gear up for you are standing in what could be the best day of your life yet. It’s up to you!

Please feel free to leave your comments, praise reports and/or prayer requests below.

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