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This blog post is dedicated to my dad, James Peterson Cate II.  He went to heaven on Monday, April 15, 2013.

This week, I have had many people share with me about how my dad did so many things for so many different people.  He was always willing to help anyone and seemed like he could fix anything!  I am pretty sure he owned one of every tool and some things he called tools, I am not even sure what they do! In fact, the Sunday before his death, he stopped and helped a family from church change a flat tire.  He spent many years touching the lives of boys, young men, and adults through the Scouting program.  I myself want to honor his life by carrying on his desire to help others as much as I can.  I love you dad!

Life is truly fragile and is to be handled with care.  Care in the sense that we not waste it and we not allow a day to go by that we don’t make the best of whatever is going on, because in the end, there is no start over or reset button to get back what has been overlooked and lost.  Care that we not take one second for granted with our spouse or children and that we not allow time to pass on our dreams and not live them to the fullest possible.

This care I am speaking of does not represent worry and concern, but instead a love for the life we have been blessed with.

In this blog post, I am not mourning a loss but rejoicing in a victory.  With the daily doom that is poured out over the airwaves via TV, Radio, and Internet, to care for the life we have shows our faith and trust in our heavenly Father above.

I encourage you today to not waste another second of your life, but to care for it and nourish it as the God given gift that it is.  This second you are in is the only one you are guaranteed – so make the best of it for His Kingdom.

So cast the cares and care for this life with a passion that screams I AM ALIVE!

Therefore, eyes up and gear up for the best day of your life is truly at hand.

Feel free to leave your comments, prayer requests and praise reports below.

10 thoughts on “FRAGILE

  1. What a touching insight you expanded on Keith!!!! God bless you and this wonderful day that he has given us here on Earth!!!!

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