It’s August 12, 2013 and yes, it’s Monday; but not a normal Monday in the way that we normally view Mondays to be. Let me explain – but first I want to share this post from someone I consider to be a great mentor to many of us in the blogging world. Please click here to read this blog post from Michael Hyatt:

This Monday is like no other! Never has there been one, nor will there ever be another one just like it. Today is unique and one of a kind. Its design and encounters are unique in the fact that they cannot really be replayed if missed. If you look up at the sky right now, you will see clouds in shapes that have never been seen before nor will they ever be seen again. The way the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing is a part of nature that will not come around again. Time with friends and family cannot be regained. That call you just put off making, can’t really be made up because the thought that was driving you to make the call has now moved to a thousand other thoughts. So this EPIC Monday is truly not normal in every sense of the word.

Expectation and the words we speak combined, form the world that is around us right now. So what are you saying to your day? It is your day and the Word of God says in Psalms 118:24 (AMP)This is the day which the Lord has brought about; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Gladness sees by design the goodness in a day and pays no attention to the speed bumps of life. Are you designing your days with Kingdom words OR living in whatever comes your way? Once you recognize the habits in your life, it is then up to you to change them. You can’t blame them on your job, spouse, etc.; you must take responsibility for your life and what you have allowed to be in it.

Make your life a lighthouse for others to draw from and to and not help push them deeper into the rut of lost days. Someone is always watching and listening whether you know it or not and the life we live before others can be a light to them. I have caught myself so many times complaining instead or praising and criticizing instead of looking for ways to help and impart. If I have time to say something negative and criticize, then apparently that means I also have the wisdom and time to impart just what is needed to change the situation. We can be one who others learn to sculpt their days from and not lead them deeper into a dead end path.

So stop for a moment and look around you; not at the circumstances and situations, but instead, see beyond those things. Find the uniqueness in this day and enjoy it and remember it’s a “once in a lifetime” day =)

I want to end with this. I am not one to post much of what comes from the secular world. But I just watched a reward speech on TV that was classic. As I listened to it, I felt the Lord telling me to pay attention. Once the speaker was finished, I went back and googled it and listened to it over again and then meditated on it; because when God says to pay attention, I pay attention! So stop everything you are doing and listen to this and then take time to let God speak to you because there is something in this speech if you have ears to hear! Click the link to listen:

So please feel free to share below.

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