The Name

The Name

I was reading a book that my wife, Debbie, bought for me. It was written many, many years ago by Brothers Grimm and it is a compilation of many of the original fairy tales. The one I was reading was Rumpelstiltskin. Something interesting that was noted in this book, is some history behind the stories. Most will know of this story, which is about a queen who found herself in a mess. She had to accomplish something impossible. She ended up making a deal with a man named Rumpelstiltskin, but the end result was she had to guess his name to keep her baby. I know I am leaving a lot out, but I think most already know this story. With the help of another, she found out his name and closed the deal in her favor. I took something away from this story, and that was this: “the power of a name”. Rumpelstiltskin’s name had a power to close the deal.

I read about a folk belief that said, “if you knew an evil spirit’s name, you could defeat it”. Let’s change gears here and bring this into a Kingdom perspective. For those that are born again believers, we don’t have to know any name other than the name of Jesus. His name is a name that is above ALL other names. We don’t even have to think about defeating an evil spirit, because they have ALL been defeated forever! Jesus hung on the cross to close the deal on this issue.

Just like the queen in the story, where all she needed was to speak a name and everything was put into order and she was set free. The same goes for us, we just speak the name and BELIEVE and TRUST and things change! But realize change is on a Kingdom time table and not ours. His timing is always perfect in every way, lacking NOTHING!!!!!

So if you are facing what seems to be a mountain like no other you have faced before, then speak His name and believe that He is moving right then on your behalf. But I warn you, don’t make a religion of this – but instead, a lifestyle. Be fully persuaded that His name is above every name and that at His name ALL things have to change!

You are a blessing; I really mean that! I’m always praying for my readers. Debbie and I would love to hear from you. You can post below or send us an email; whichever works best for you.

Until next time, eyes up and gear up for the best is at hand!

Be blessed – Keith & Debbie


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