Gear Up (Part 10) – “CHANGE”


The word “change” is defined by Webster as: “The act or instance of making or becoming different”.

The greatest change we will ever make or deny, is making Christ The Lord of our life. Now I know me making that statement will automatically make my blog not for everyone; but on the flip side, it is a blog that ALL need to read because of our overwhelming need for Christ and the understanding of what a Kingdom life really is. You can spend 1 minute on any social media site and see that most people, even many Christians, have no clue on Kingdom living! This is what this blog is all about.

Have you ever found yourself at a point in your life where you needed things to be different? It could be because of your health or career situation; but whatever the reason was, you just needed change. I have found myself at this cross-roads many times, but I have not always been willing to make the needed changes. A few years ago, I made some eating and exercise changes that after time, reaped some benefits. However, because of not allowing those change to become habits, I wavered and never really stuck to things. Over this year (2013), I have done better; but, there is always room for more growth and improvement. Other changes I needed to make have become evident lately, as well, and I wanted to share some of them in this blog post.

I will start with yesterday: Sunday, November 17th. I have read many articles this year on unplugging and the benefits of it. When I say unplugging, I’m talking about not checking e-mails, not even looking at social platforms, texting with non-family members, or anything that has to do with work and unplugging from it. In the day and time we live in with smart phones, tablets, and laptops in every person’s hands almost globally, it’s created an addiction – like movement that we feel like we HAVE to check these things . I have set in restaurants and watched couples on dates and also families, engrossed on their phones, instead of living in the moment with those they are with. How many lost seconds, minutes and hours have been given to this addiction? So I took a stand to unplug and it was refreshing! My new commitment is that every Sunday is my unplug day. I would encourage you to set at least one day a week to do this and make it a day for God, family, friends, or maybe even just a book day!

Next is keeping a journal. I believe we should have a work journal to help us track our work, but more importantly, we should have a journal for life. I have heard it said, “No one will be interested in reading about my life after I’m gone”. If that is the case, then we are at fault for not making our life an extraordinary one. I might not have lived a life that others would want to read about up until now, BUT as long as I’m still breathing, that book is still being written. I also want my future generations to know who I am – not just by what others say or don’t say about me, but by my life lived out in my journals. Plus, it also gives me a way to go back and relive those special moments. I have notes, thoughts, scriptures, pictures, movie tickets, etc. pasted on the pages. My new commitment is to journal more often than ever before, because my life is extraordinary. I have the most AMAZING wife, children, family, friends. I spend my life reaching out to others and God is daily showing me something new in His Kingdom. My late father-in-law, Dr. James Zirkle, once said this, “The shortest pencil is better than the sharpest mind”. My journals in a nutshell, are my life lived on paper. Your life is worth that, also. You must see the value of you and a journal can help with that.

Last thing for the post is exercise. I’m daily getting up and doing something to better my body. Stretching, lifting weights and/or just simple core work, helps me kick start each day – just like my Word time. Something is better than nothing and once you start, the benefits seem to push you to do more.

I really hope this post helps you get a new view of how to live a Kingdom life. God has prepared a life just for you and it is AMAZING if you can simply get past the junk of this world.

We would love to hear from you with your questions, prayer requests, and/or praise reports.

So until next time, eyes up & gear up for the best is right at hand!


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