Long before the posters of Uncle Sam came to be, a call to action was pronounced.


Before we charged the front lines of any battlefield or charged the beaches to take back what our enemies had taken, a battle cry was proclaimed.


Now please do not think I am putting down our military, because I love our men and women who are holding the lines around the world – I even have two boys doing their part in the Air Force. But long before any of this was even thought of, a battle cry went around the world and called ALL of mankind to rise up and take their place to live a life with purpose and vision for the lost and lonely who had no hope.

As we daily walk the battlefields of life, many turn a blind eye to what’s going on around them. They live life as if everything is ok, but it’s not. People daily make decisions that will affect them beyond this short time they have here on earth. They live for themselves as if they don’t need an eternal savior but when they find themselves lying at the threshold of life and death, they find themselves crying out for a person they never took the time to know. They might have even found their way and maybe are even living their dream, but if it never impacts the lives of the hurting and hungry souls, then what good is it?

But at the same time, I know there are those that proclaim Him as their savior, but never take the time to really get to know Him. God wants us to have a personal relationship with Him; not a “fly by” one that drops an empty prayer filled with empty words spoken from an empty heart. After all these years, I seem to daily find something new about Him!

Why don’t you start your journey right this second? Set your spiritual GPS; grab a pen, paper, and get ready, because an EPIC adventure awaits you!

So eyes up and gear up for the best is right at hand. Take life gladiator style, ruling and reigning forevermore.

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Until next time, live Xtrem4Him!!!!!

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