Are You Really Secure?


Are you really secure? What a profound question to ask!

Let’s first define the definition of secure: Free from danger, attack, loss, free from fear, anxiety, or doubt, stable or firmly fastened, reliable and dependable.

I remember Debbie’s dad, the late Dr. James Zirkle, making this statement: “If you want to succeed, then help someone else succeed”.

I believe discipleship means you are always leading others to a place called there or their yes. You are to be helping others find their way. Here is a link to my first Podcast title: “Are you a beacon of light for the lost?” – Which focuses on this very topic. I have made some awesome new friends lately and everyone is always so eager to help one another succeed at their dreams and the group just keeps growing with other like-minded individuals.

But you don’t always see this attitude around you; either Christian or not. You can look at the businesses, churches, and ministries and find insecurity that speaks out in the inability to work with others in fear they might lose something or someone. Insecurity creates a wall that keeps you from advancing and at some point you will be the one thing that kills your own dreams if you were to continue in that insecurity.

I myself want others to succeed and I want to rejoice with them as they are rejoicing. I have a friend named Kimanzi Constable and he just moved to the next level of his dream by moving to Hawaii. Another new friend I consider to be close has two successful businesses; he also blogs weekly and his name is Zech Newman. Another good friend is Kent Sanders, who to me is the king of Evernote, which I love and use it ALL the time. (CLICK HERE to visit his Evernote training site.) I will be spotlighting more and more of these friends as we go, because that’s what we are to do – help others, not with an agenda but because we are called to help and lift one another up. (Side note – You all who are my dreamer friends and you know who you are, I want say thank you so much for all you have done to bless my life!)

Now how do we do this? How do we put ourselves to the side and openly help each other achieve their dreams? By letting down the walls and letting others in so we can help them be all they dream and desire to be, by being secure in who we are and also whose we are. I’m a Christian, no apology and no hiding it. That’s who I am and what I am. I’m secure in who I am and also whose I am because of Christ in me, the hope of glory, Colossians 1:27.

I started the blog for one reason and that is to share my Jesus as I grow in His Kingdom. Hopefully by doing this, others will be able to learn because we spend so much time recreating a wheel that is already built and perfected.

So I ask you again, are you secure? Can you wake up each new day and take it head on with no regret or condemnation? If not, allow me to give you a good starting place. Grab any Bible and turn to Matthew 6:33 and start there and move forward.

You are highly favored and deeply loved beyond anything you could ever imagine.

So eyes up and gear up for the best is right at hand. Take this day gladiator style, ruling and reigning, dominating it and not letting it dominate you!

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