Renewing The Mind To Kingdom Thinking (Part-2)


So last week we kicked off a new series called “Renewing the Mind to Kingdom Thinking”. Here is the link to that post: . So grab your Bible, journal, pen, and highlighter and let’s go!

There is a reason that the Bible tells us in Romans 12:2 to “renew our minds”. Most Christians will tell you it is because we are not to be like the world, but instead, like Christ. True BUT there is so much more to it than just that! It’s said we are to mold ourselves into His image and likeness; but really, we were created that way, so we must realize and take hold of that design. And that only comes through following the direction of Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness”. We won’t find the answers in a self-help book or even in a blog, it’s only in His Word. (However, we can gain knowledge, which can produce wisdom and insight, through other types of written words.) What I have found, is that as I read books, magazines, blogs and such that the Lord gives me Kingdom principles within those things that I can relate back to His Word.

Going back to my opening scripture, I see a clearer and deeper picture in this translation of Romans 12:2 (The Mirror Bible) “Do not allow current religious tradition to mold you into its pattern of reasoning. Like an inspired artist, give attention to the detail of God’s desire to find expression in you. Become acquainted with perfection. To accommodate yourself to the delight and good pleasure of Him will transform your thoughts afresh from within”. Most of the time, Christians are quick to reference to not be like the world BUT I see a reference to “religious tradition” and see just as many people lost in that as in the world.

So we have to first realize that the renewing of the mind is the fact of finding ourselves in the Word of God. We must then realize that the resting place of His Word was not meant to be on the pages of a book BUT instead in the lives of His Kingdom kids being lived out with purpose each and every day! Start renewing your mind right now by seeing you as God see’s you, through the eyes of Christ.

I believe our life is truly meant to be the greatest adventure novel waiting to be written as we live it out. So start living the best life possible NOW on purpose with purpose. Live with no regrets and love without boundaries. Hold nothing back and charge life head on. I am excited for what’s next, because the excitement of anticipation and not knowing of what is next is what births each breath in life.

So stand strong, live life loud and bold! Take this new day gladiator style, ruling and reigning it and not letting it reign you.



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