Renewing the Mind to Kingdom Thinking (Part-5)


This week we are continuing the series on “Renewing the Mind to Kingdom Thinking”. Here is the link to the previous post just in case you missed it:

In the process of renewing the mind, we will find a limitless list of topics. That’s because the renewing process has to be done in all areas of life and it must be a daily action. What do I mean by a daily action? Glad you asked =). Each day we awake to new encounters; some good and some bad. And with that, we can’t live using yesterday’s answers. This is why spending all your time jumping from book to book, blog to blog, and conference to conference will NOT give you the full answer to your questions. They will help add knowledge to your arsenal but only YOU can find the real answers to YOUR victories. It can’t be done for you; BUT this is what most people want to happen. We live in a society that mimics what others do expecting to get what they got without spending the time seeking it. One of my favorite scriptures is Matthew 6:33 where it tells us to “seek first the kingdom”. What is the Kingdom? It’s God Himself. We must learn that we are investing in ourselves when we answer the calling of that scripture.

You can read in the Bible about the new wine being poured into an old wine skin. The result of the new wine introduced into an old wine skin causes it to burst. We ourselves are like that old wine skin in the fact that we are trying to put new actions and dreams into our same old thinking. Business and ministries alike cannot be held to yesterday’s types and shadows. The way we did it yesterday was for yesterday; but today has to see a new level of leadership and attention.

I want to encourage you to renew your mind to the fact that yesterday might be filled with great victories and also horrible setbacks, BUT today is a new day. Take hold of it like no other day in your life and live it to the fullest.

I believe our life is truly meant to be the greatest adventure novel waiting to be written as we live it out. So start living the best life possible NOW on purpose with purpose. Live with no regrets and love without boundaries. Hold nothing back and charge life head on. I am excited for what’s next, because the excitement of anticipation and not knowing of what is next is what births each breath in life.

So stand strong, live life loud and bold! Take this new day gladiator style, ruling and reigning it and not letting it reign you.


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