What defines you?

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In a world of mega rich and also mega poor, one thing seems to reign true – it all starts in the thinking. Most of society thinks that money status defines them; but honestly, your attitude about money defines you.

Question, are we really born either rich or poor? Does the status of our family in society really define us? I say NO! I have read countless stories of the rich having children who hit rock bottom and the poor having children hit the so-called top. Now there are some that continue smoothly in the tradition they were born into – good or bad, but then again, there are those who “break the chains and walk their own path”.

So what is it that creates this breaking the chain experience in one’s life? I believe it all starts in one’s mind. We are fed daily by images, words and sounds that create experiences that make thoughts. Then those very thoughts create actions that soon create momentum in a certain direction in life. But then there are others who say it’s location that defines the life we live; but I just can’t buy that idea, either. Some of the so-called poorest places produce the most amazing riches and so that in itself destroys that very idea. I have come to realize that life is defined by what we think on and the actions we take and the words we speak. A poor person is not poor until they are first convinced in their mind they are poor. I have heard it said “the mind is the devil’s playing field” and I think that only is true when the mind becomes idle. An idle mind goes nowhere and does nothing.

The fact is that most are afraid of failure so much that they won’t even try. They can’t see past the place they are right now and they allow that to become a mountain that is never to be climbed. We must BREAK FREE! Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. We have got to make that very thought ours when it comes to life, taking chances and just simply living our dreams. We must wake up daily looking for ways to redefine the problems around us. An artist brings peace and joy while a medical person brings health and strength. The law is supposed to bring balance and protection, and a financial person brings guidance and advice, while ministers bring spiritual growth, guidance and wisdom. But there is another person in this list that is overlooked a lot of the time, and they are the thinkers, the dreamers, and the entrepreneurs who bring something unique to the table. They find the gaps, the missing things in life and they plug into those areas to bring change. THAT’S YOU!

So you might be asking, “Where do I start?” I say by starting to think, dream, and enjoy the beauty that sounds you. Take life for what it is, the most valuable asset to be given to mankind. It’s time to break those chains once and for all!

So that’s it for this week; BUT I would love to hear back from you below with your comments, suggestions and feed back.

I want to also encourage you to check out the Kingdom Thinking PodCast on iTunes at: http://goo.gl/0kx3Ya .

You can find out more about the ministry of Living Water Teaching which I talked about in the post @ http://www.livingwaterteaching.org .

I believe our life is truly meant to be the greatest adventure novel waiting to be written as we live it out. Start living the best life possible NOW on purpose with purpose. Live with no regrets and love without boundaries. Hold nothing back and charge life head on. I am excited for what’s next, because the excitement of anticipation and not knowing of what is next is what births each breath in life.

So stand strong, live life loud and bold! Take this new day gladiator style, ruling and reigning it and not letting it reign you.


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