Identity Crisis….


Can you live your dreams? Some say yes, some say no, and some just say nothing! (I believe silence is also an answer!) But the correct answer is YES, YES, YES and if you did not hear me yet, YES; but it takes decision and determination amongst other things.

In the massive world of blogging, podcasting, life coaches and so on, realize that if someone is trying to get you to be like them so that you can be successful, then I have a special instruction for you. RUN!!!!!!! You don’t need to be like anyone else no matter how successful they are; BUT instead, you need to find the real you that God created which is already a success (God never created a failure) and move forward from there. Please allow me to explain!

It has been an idea amongst much of society for as long I can remember that if you do what another did the same way they did it, then you, too, can have the same outcome and or success. It could be in education, health, fitness, and also just in living life and the pursuit of your dreams. That mindset is a horrible path to be on and has created millions of dollars for so many speaking this message while leaving a trail of discouragement and loss for those taking the bait. No one person is the same; we have all been created unique by design and as an individual in every way. As soon as I read what others are writing or listen to what they are saying, it does not take long before I get their mindset OR I guess you could say, what they are selling. Are they selling themselves as the “guru of life” or are they trying to HELP me find the real me? NOW I will say this, you can learn something from just about anyone; but “nuggets of truth” and “life changing information” are two very different things. My purpose and desire has always been that Kingdom Thinking and the blog and podcast is to help you find you, the real you. Some might already know that person but others might be having an identity crisis for one reason or another.

Let’s look at how the world defines what identity crisis is: personal psychosocial conflict, confusion about one’s social role and often a sense of loss of continuity to one’s personality, a state of confusion in an institution or organization regarding its nature or direction. Did you get that – conflict, confusion, a sense of loss? That describes so many today and the second part of that to me describes many individuals, institutions, even the church today when it says, “a state of confusion in an institution or organization regarding its nature or direction”. Why do I say this? Glad you asked! So many are saying “be like ME” and that is not correct. We are truly only to be like Jesus and in His image is the only true eternal success. Think about all those that point to themselves as the example of success and see where they are 5 – 10 years down the road. However, look at the ones like Zig Ziglar and others that point to Jesus and you will see that even after death, their message is still being told.

We have got to overcome the identity crisis that is crossing our country and I dare to even say globally. And it all starts with the real you first standing up and taking that first step forward. I want to encourage you with these statements:

1. You are not an accident and you have a purpose.
2. You are not defined by what others may say or geographical location.
3. You are strong and worth the fight.
4. Someone in this world needs you to be living your dream, so live bold and live it loud!

Right now could be a new chapter in your life or a replay of the last chapter. You decide!

So that’s it for this week; BUT I would love to hear back from you below with your comments, suggestions and feed back.

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I believe our life is truly meant to be the greatest adventure novel waiting to be written as we live it out. Start living the best life possible NOW on purpose with purpose. Live with no regrets and love without boundaries. Hold nothing back and charge life head on. I am excited for what’s next, because the excitement of anticipation and not knowing of what is next is what births each breath in life.

So stand strong, live life loud and bold! Take this new day gladiator style, ruling and reigning it and not letting it reign you.


5 thoughts on “Identity Crisis….

  1. Keith, I love your message. I whole heartedly agree. Being a coach I understand how important it is to find your own true identity. I wrote an eBook called Identity Crisis in the world of Entrepreneurs. I don’t know if you saw it. Similar to your post I also run the program The Dare to Stand Out. I think its often hard to understand for people when everything is so fast pace. But getting to know who you are in your greatness is a journey and goes against what’s being taught in today’s world. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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