Taking Inventory



A good man leaves an inheritance [of moral stability and goodness] to his children’s children,” (Proverbs 13:22a AMP)

I’m sure all who are reading this have been in a store during inventory time and have seen products being counted on the shelves. Without taking time to inventory, how would you ever know how your business is really doing? Life is much of the same, if we never take inventory, we can lose track of how good things really are OR fail to see what needs to be changed and modified to be more productive or make a greater impact.

Going back to my opening scripture, the word “inheritance” is defined as: “money, property, etc. that is received from someone when that person dies, something from the past that is still important or valuable, the act of inheriting something.Webster dictionary

Honestly, I think this definition is lacking greatly! Tangible items are good to leave behind; but, if we have not left anything other than stuff and have no idea how to live a kingdom life, then the stuff is pointless! The greatest inheritance is imparting how to simply live life with purpose on purpose. I believe when we master this we can enjoy what we have; however, we can’t impart what we don’t understand and are not walking in ourselves.

I was just sharing with the men’s group that I host every month, one of the things I do when I start my day. I grab my journal and my first entry for the day is “What am I thankful for?” and then I jot down what’s on my heart right at that moment. My inventorying starts first thing and goes throughout the day.

So what are you looking for when inventorying your life? Glad you asked and here are a few areas I would suggest:
1. What are you focusing on? Focus speaks volumes about our view of life.
2. What are your daily habits?
3. What is your attitude about your current situation?
4. What are others seeing and hearing from you?

Again, as we inventory ourselves, I believe that it affects the future and the inheritance that we are leaving; this will make a difference while we are still here and after we are gone.

QUESTION: So what is the inheritance that you want to leave for the generations to come?

That’s it for this week, BUT there is going to be more to come on this topic! I would love to hear back from you below with your comments, suggestions and feedback. Or you can e-mail me at kspanberger@gmail.com.

I want to also encourage you to check out the Kingdom Thinking Podcast on iTunes at: http://goo.gl/0kx3Ya ; it would be a blessing if you could let others know about us.

I believe our life is truly meant to be the greatest adventure novel waiting to be written as we live it out. Start living the best life possible NOW on purpose with purpose. Live with no regrets and love without boundaries. Hold nothing back and charge life head on. I am excited for what’s next because the excitement of anticipation and not knowing of what is next is what births each breath in life.
So stand strong, live life loud and bold! Take this new day gladiator style, ruling and reigning it and not letting it reign you.


2 thoughts on “Taking Inventory

  1. Those four questions are really good and challenging ones. I’m going to have to spend some time chewing on them. Legacy – i.e., what we are here to contribute and what we have contributed – is a big deal and something we should, as you say, give careful thought to.

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