The End To The Beginning

The end to the beginning

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is almost over. Take notice of one word in my last sentence, “ALMOST”! That word identifies things to come or not yet attained. So many are already looking at next year and not even thinking about the remainder of this year. Joseph’s life changed in a second when he stood before Pharaoh and I believe God wants to do the same for each one of us. God gives us each day to live and love to the fullest, but we lose it by thinking about what’s next and not about what’s happening now. I love this time of year; I love the fall colors and winter weather and as Christmas draws near, I love the lights and festive atmosphere that’s all around. I love the time with my family and friends, but most of all, I love what it represents – the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I firmly believe that a thankful heart lives in the NOW, because that is what we are thankful for. A hopeful heart lives in the future and for what is to come next. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as the greater focus is now and living the life God has given us to the fullest with purpose and on purpose.

Sometimes, the fewest words speak the loudest message, so I am ending this post with a link to one of my favorite writers. His name is Michael Hyatt and after hearing his first podcast I was hooked! I have learned most of what I know about blogging and Podcasting among many other topics from him. He has a site – which I would recommend to all that is geared towards making 2015 your best year yet. BUT again, I believe taking what he is saying and applying it to TODAY will help you greatly. Remember that 2014 is not over until the last second of the very last day, SO it’s not time to quit!

QUESTION: What could you do NOW to make the greatest impact on these last days of this year? I believe how you finish sets the stage to how we start, so it’s time to press in and give it ALL you’ve got.

I would love to hear what your goals are for the remainder of 2014 and then for 2015, so please share them below.

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