“In everyone’s life there is a place called there; BUT it’s not at the end of the journey we find it, but instead in the very second of life we are in right NOW.” ME =)

So many live their lives saying, “One day I will be THERE,” as if the word there was a destination. After you read this post, I challenge you to see it from a different point of view for a moment and possibly forever. Stay with me as I dive deeper into this thought in this Kingdom Thinking post.

My wife, Debbie, and I, just joined a local running club to give us something new to do together in life. Running has not been something we normally do; however, it is especially out of the box for me. As I was running yesterday, I started thinking about this place we call THERE. I was looking at my running times and my distance and foreseeing better times and longer distances and thinking to myself that those would be in a place called THERE. Admit it, you have done the very same. Then a thought popped into my blazing fast mind. No matter what, THERE, in this mindset, is never attained and therefore becomes a place pursued but never reached. For many, life is built for pursuits instead of rejoicing in the victories! I immediately started thinking about the fact of what was going on – I am running and I am getting better each time. As soon as I start running, THERE becomes now. It’s the place I’m in and I’m rejoicing for what I’ve been blessed with and not with what I don’t have. I’m running and my times keep getting better and my 5k non-stop running distance is getting farther and the list just keeps going! YES, all this came from one AM run. This is what happens when I’m left to myself, and my mind and spirit man engage together. =)

I have decided that THERE is my new NOW and NOW that I’m THERE the journey looks so much different! Are you one of those that are always telling yourself that ONE-DAY YOU WILL BE THERE? STOP and realize that you are already in a place called THERE and life is what we make of it. Start enjoying it NOW and all that it has to offer. The good, the bad and the ugly are all a part of life, so SUCK IT UP and make the best of it. I recently heard someone say, “There are treasures even in the trials of life”. That is so true, but it all starts with how you are viewing life.

You must understand that the greatest, most defining moment in your life is this one right now and you are not promised another. Think about it. What if you live for that distant place called THERE, but then that THERE never arrives for you or at least what you think that THERE is? The only second in time that you have been promised is the one you are currently in now and that one is precious. It can’t be gotten back if wasted and it can’t be put on hold for later. So now that you’re THERE, what are you going to do with it?

I can’t wait to hear!

3 thoughts on “THERE!

  1. Wow this is so good! And SO true! I’ve fallen into the “there” trap many times. I think that is one of the biggest tricks the enemy has up his sleeve is to convince Sons and Daughters that they’re not effective until they get “there.” It’s crippling when people here and now need us in the Now and in the Here. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I needed that. Bless you!

  2. Thank you for this encouraging word Keith and Debbie! That is so cool that you both are now starting to run. You’ll have to let us know when you have a race that you participate in, so we can cheer you on!

    I want to pursue my goals NOW and live each day to the fullest….. instead of dreaming and wishing I was “there”. Oh, the mental clarify and liberty, and numerous other health benefits that comes from walking. (In my case) or “running” as in your case.

    Would love to hear if you and Debbie participate in a marathon……. even if it’s walking,…. what a joy to cross that finish line….. Either, the one we make for ourselves each day in our short term goals, or the big one… the end of a race.

    So excited to hear what you are doing, and I appreciate your constant encouragement to pursue all that God has for us, so we can be instruments – tuned and ready for the Masters use!

    Thanks so much. Brenda

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