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Dr. Keith & Debbie (Zirkle) Spanberger

Keith Spanberger started his walk with God in November of 1991 after meeting his future wife, Debbie Zirkle. They were married May 1st, 1992 and he also began his walk with the ministry at this time. Keith attended and graduated from Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa, OK in 1994. December 2006, Keith received his Honorary Doctorate from Kingsway University.

Debbie (Zirkle) Spanberger at the age of 8, moved to the mission field of Guatemala with her family where God had called them to be missionaries. She lived there until 2 years after she graduated from high school. She grew up attending medical campaigns, translating for doctors and dentists, leading many children and adults to the Lord, and traveling with her parents to the many different countries as they ministered the Word of God.

In 2003, Keith and Debbie took the positions as CEO’s for Living Water Teaching (Non-Profit 501-C3) and are now overseers of a ministry that has seen over 700,000 born again and graduated over 40,000 Bible School students in over 13 different countries through Central and South America and also Africa, Japan, and Germany. Today, LWT is in 12 countries in Central and South America, Haiti and in the United States with its international headquarters in Guatemala and a US headquarters in Caddo Mills, Texas.

They hold positions on the Board of Directors for Living Water Teaching. Keith is formerly the Central American Director for ICFM, and also the former International Director of the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters. He was also on the board of Victory World Missions Training Center where he taught many classes. He has been the Chaplain/EMS Coordinator/EMT/FF with the local VFD for over 19 years. Keith and Debbie founded MedCo Training International in 1995. MedCo is a ministry in itself, teaching Emergency Response Team Training among many other training programs both nationally and internationally. Through the international training courses, over 300 have given their lives to Christ. He is also the Operational Medical Instructor for Compass-Defense International.

One of Keith’s greatest passions is to help others discover their purpose and then inspire them to pursue it with passion. He does this through his blog, http://www.kingdomthinking.org and also in his monthly Iron Sharpening Iron men’s meetings. This February 2016, he will begin holding Base-Camp Men’s Encounters. He is also a purpose coach, inspiring author, and a contributing writer
for The Good Men’s Project. Keith travels and speaks from coast to coast nationally and also internationally in many different types of meetings, seminars, churches, schools and businesses.
He has also shared internationally on both TV and radio.

Keith and Debbie have the heart to serve at whatever level is needed. They come highly recommended by many individuals, ministries and businesses around the US and also overseas. God has used them to speak into the lives of others, both believers and non-believers, and both nationally and internationally, at many different levels.

You can contact Keith by email at keiths@lwtusa.org.

Contact information
Dr. Keith & Debbie (Zirkle) Spanberger

Living Water Teaching International
PO Box 1190
Caddo Mills, TX  75135

Phone 1-903-527-4160
Fax 1-866-887-1583

Ministry Web-Site www.livingwaterteaching.org

Keith’s Blog – https://rkspanberger.wordpress.com/

Keith’s Twitter https://twitter.com/rkspanberger

Keith’s LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/dr-keith-spanberger

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