Cast or Carry



If you have ever gone fishing, you know that there is no catch without first casting. When fishing, as you cast, there becomes a potential to increase.

As a Christian living a Kingdom life, it actually works much the same. As you cast the cares, you create the environment of growth and increase. You are told in the Word, to cast every care. You are not created to carry the load of life; but instead, to cast it over onto the only one that can. Actually, every weight of life has been fully carried and hung on the cross so as you cast it off, you are receiving what Jesus gave His life for.

You must realize that carrying creates a drag, while casting lightens you up to go forth towards your full potential.

Today you must make the decision to cast off that which has been trying to slow you down.

Life has the potential for curves and pot holes and detours, but it’s up to you how you handle them.

So together let’s start casting and reeling in the greatest prize catch ever!

So have you been a caster or a carrier?

Leave your thoughts on this below.