Roll The Credits


We are taking a step away from the Gear Up posts this week. I wanted to share something the Lord laid on my heart some time back and I felt that now was the time to share it in this post.

I know that everyone reading this, has seen the end of a movie, TV program, or something along those lines, that at the end of the show, they rolled the credits to show who to give credit to. Well some time ago, I was praying and in my mind, I pictured this happening for no reason; but it was giving credit for things such as sickness & disease, injuries, financial failures, and the list just went on and on. But I noticed that as the credits rolled, it was totally focused on giving Satan credit for all these things. Once it reached the end to the all blank and dark screen, I realized that God nor His Son, Jesus, were ever mentioned. Then my thoughts went in another direction and I heard, “Well what about the one who redeemed you from all those things over 2,000 years ago and forever more”? Here’s the wake-up call ladies and gentleman!

My stomach just turns sour every time I hear someone focus the credit to Satan, but to the One who redeemed them from the situation, there is nothing given! I hear people list their hardships of life in detail and talk about Satan this and Satan that and then finish with “but God is good’. I want to say, “Oh really?” It shows where the focus is In that person’s life. We have got to learn to focus on the completed answer and nothing else.

Life is going to have it’s speed bumps and there will be things that make no sense, but those are things we don’t have to receive or take as ours. You might say, “That is just denial”, but I say it’s a faith stand in the fullness of the trust in my Lord and Savior and His completed works at the cross. If there is any denial in this, then I say it’s against Jesus, by giving a defeated coward like Satan any credit at all!

When you roll the credits of life, it should be thanking Jesus for health, wealth, peace, and wisdom in every area and over every thing that you can think of.

So roll the credits and give credit to whom the credit is due for a kingdom life and no matter what, do not allow Satan to have the joy of credit for anything, no matter what!

I pray that you have a blessed Easter and that the true revelation of what this day represents, fills your thoughts forevermore.

Well that’s it for now. It’s time to get your eyes up & gear up for the best is right at hand.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, prayers, and praise reports below.