“When you catch a glimpse of your potential – that’s when passion is born.”
Zig Ziglar

I like how Zig brings the word “glimpse” into this quote. I believe many are not living a passionate life. So many have allowed the day-to-day things to become a place of comfort or just events and it bleeds over into every area of their life. If we could get a glimpse of the real us, we would live more passionately. Marriages become just a sustaining relationship with no positive emotion when passion is gone. Dreams sink into the memories of yesterday when passion is no more. Our work and service to others becomes nothing more than works when passion is gone. In anything we do, if passion is not present, then it cannot grow and many times it actually separates.

What is PASSION? According to Webster it is, “A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something: a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way: a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone.”

The absence of passion is something that many never see coming. It’s when the passion is completely gone that we normally see the result of its absence. I read a great book by C.S. Lewis titled “The Screw Tape Letters” and it focused around the theme of deception. Via deception, passion can easily become no more. Almost everything we start has some level of passion, but if the coals of passion are not daily stoked, they can easily be smothered out until the artic chill of lifelessness sets in.

“Live with passion”
Tony Robins

“Passion is the genesis to genius”
Tony Robins

You see, God created us for a purpose, but that is not revealed until we live on purpose. Passion is birthed from desire! My desire to serve my God, bless and serve my wife and be a blessing to family, friends and strangers comes from a desire to live a Kingdom life. These are also the ones that fuel me to fulfill my God given dreams.

“We must daily stoke the coals of passion”
Keith Spanberger

Here are a few steps you can take to rekindle passion in your life:
1. Realize it’s never too late to start over again. As long as you have breath it’s not too late.
2. Close the door to negativity. It might mean removing people or things; whatever it is, close the door on it.
3. Realize you are worth it. You deserve to live a passionate life in every area.
4. You’re not anyone else. Don’t try and be someone else or compare yourself to another. Realize that you are one of a kind. A Kingdom original. God created each of us as one of a kind, so be just that.
5. Stop making excuses. It will never be the perfect time to start, so you might as well start RIGHT NOW!
6. It does not have to be perfect to begin!

These are just a few thoughts and I’m sure you can add your own to this. I would love to hear your ideas and any other thoughts below.

So why not start now making today the day you start stoking the coals of passion in every area of your life. Let your spouse know that they are important to you. Let the world see your passion for life. Let your desire to live life to the fullest breath put passion into all that you do. I want to close with this scripture that was part of my Bible time yesterday. I hope it speaks loudly to you and pushes you to be and do more than you ever thought possible.

Galatians 6:9 (AMP) “And let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faint.”

When you feel like God’s not listening…..


“The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you
want most for what you want right now”
Zig Ziglar

Have you ever had one of those days that makes you feel like God is just not up there hearing what you have to say? (Now this is NOT the time to get a holier-than-thou attitude and say, “Oh no, not me,” but instead, just be real.) WELL, “I” have been in this place and it’s not a good place to be in!

For most people, it’s hard to find joy in waiting, as we are a society that wants everything NOW. We teach our children to have patience, but when it comes to us and God and our prayers, we think we must have an instant miracle, move, and/or manifestation, or something must be wrong. We bounce back and forth between “is it me or is it you God, who is delaying this”? We track the response time as if the answers to our prayers are on a travel schedule. I believe that one of the secret recipes to a joyful Kingdom in life is finding joy in the moment. Now I will be the first to admit that this is NOT always easy. I have learned that in those times, the best thing I can do is reassure myself of God’s promises by daily diving into His Word. Here are a few anchor scriptures that I cling to:

Deut 31:6 (NKJ) “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

1 John 5:14 (AMP) “And this is the confidence (the assurance, the privilege of boldness) which we have in Him: [we are sure] that if we ask anything (make any request) according to His will (in agreement with His own plan), He listens to and hears us.”

Mark 11:24 (AMP) “For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it].”

You see, the truth is that God never leaves us, He always hears us, and He never withholds from His kids. Even before we gave our life to Christ, He knew us and through the power of choice we either let Him in or keep Him at bay.

So how do we overcome?
1. Don’t let the situation change who you are. (I stole that from my wife!!!) – You see, we can’t let a temporary circumstance create a change in us, but instead, we must create a change in it.
2. Don’t give up! His Words in Mark 11:24 are powerful words to hang your prayers on. Make those three words your battle cry in tough times. I have my own three-word battle cry and it is “SUCK IT UP”. (CLICK to read “SUCK IT UP” post)
3. Continually fill yourself with the Word and don’t stop when things get good, but instead, make it your lifestyle. I like how Tony Robbins says that “leaders are readers,” but I take it one step further with what you put in you is what comes out during those tough times. A good business book can give you insight into certain techniques and processes, BUT nothing that truly pertains on how to live and thrive in His Kingdom. So get a good balance on what you are filling yourself up with, but always focus on the Word.
4. Stand no matter what! 1 John5:4 (AMP) “For whatever is born of God is victorious over the world; and this is the victory that conquers the world, even our faith.”

Those are just a few thoughts that will help you in your daily life. I hope in some way you have been encouraged by this post and would ask that if you know someone else that could benefit from this, to please forward it to them.

QUESTION: How do you handle the season of WAIT?

I look forward to your response.

Living Life on Paper


Time not journaled is history up for interpretation tomorrow. That might not make sense to you, but it speaks volumes to me and hopefully, I can clear the fog for you as you continue to read this.

My life challenge to myself is: I want to live a life that is worth writing about and that in every word I write, that my Jesus would be glorified. I have no interest in one day dying and all that can be said about me is “he was a nice guy”. I want to make an impact, a difference and leave a legacy in the here and now and in the days to come.

My wife’s father, the late Dr. James L. Zirkle, was quoted saying, “The shortest pencil is better than the sharpest mind”. He was always requiring the staff to have some type of planner system for our calendars, contacts, to do list, along with notes from meetings and other such things. He knew the importance of writing things down. But relating this back to my opening statement, you are worth writing about when you live the life God has secured for you through Jesus and His death and resurrection.

Michael Hyatt has produced a couple of great blog posts on journaling that I highly recommend. Click the links to read:
The 7 Benefits of Keeping a Daily Journal:
How to Become More Consistent in Your Daily Journaling:

Since the beginning of time and throughout history, somehow mankind has journaled their life and the events that impacted it. Now think about how it would be today if they had not done that! The many things we would not know and the things we would have to try and figure out all over again. On the walls of caves, animal skins, and parched scrolls of old, is journaled history screaming out for us and to us today and the generations to come. Men and women have been writing things because they realized the importance of it and hopefully, that will never change. I heard someone once say, “My life is not anything that someone would want to read about”. Well change that thinking today! You have significance whether you realize it or not. I want the future generations of my family to know who I am, not just by what others might say, but also by my life lived in my journals. Every up and down moment has a voice and we can learn and grow from them all and so can others.

Many of the writers I love and admire most are not here with us anymore, but their writings live on and many of those writings have touched and changed my life; like CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien to just name two. But I could list many, many more.

So I want to encourage you to invest in a journal, and start writing today. It’s not science or even a structure; just be real and write from your heart.

So that’s it for NOW! I want to hear from you with your thoughts and input on this post. So please share them below.

Until next time, eyes up and gear up for the best yet is right at hand. Take this day gladiator style, ruling and reigning it and not letting it reign you.



In just 6 days, I am leaving for my March Medical Mission trip that will take me to Guatemala and then over to Nicaragua. As you may know, I leave March the 24th and return on April the 7th. We have a budget of $3,000 for this trip. As of today, we have had $2,611 of this come in. We still need those remaining funds, in order to complete everything we are doing in both of those countries. You can click on this link to give NOW or send your seed to:
Living Water Teaching
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On the memo line of your check write #25000.

Thank you for partnering with us as we go forth doing His Kingdom work.

Gear Up (Part 11) UNPLUGGED



Last week, I posted on the topic of “CHANGE”.  I’m following up this week, by touching on one of my own personal changes.

So let’s talk about the topic, “UNPLUGGING”.  I have read many articles on this topic and about how those that have unplugged for many days, and I thought to myself, “How could one do this?”  But as I have found with all change, first comes the want to make the change and then the step forward to put action to it.  Last week I moved forward with my own “UNPLUG DAY” and it has been a breath of fresh air.  As I write this post, I’m actually completing my second “UNPLUG DAY”.  No withdrawals, no jitters and for sure no regrets.

Addiction is defined as “a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance”.  Welcome to the tech world we live in; it’s truly become a substance that many can’t live without.  So much so, that we made a young man the youngest millionaire in history because of this addiction.  It’s addiction is evident to all and bullies have realized it and made it a weapon of choice.  The need to know what others are doing, is a “have to know” around the clock.

I shared in my last post, about how I could be sitting in a restaurant and watch families with their face glued to their God; without even realizing that they are losing time with their family and friends.  I actually saw this with a mom and daughter just a short time ago and the mom never really gave the little girl anything other than a warm body at the same table with her and a hot meal, because everything was being given to her smart phone which she never really put away. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the social sites and such BUT, when I stopped and looked at how much time I was giving to them and the many times a day I spent doing it, I knew I needed a change.  So this is where the “UNPLUG DAY” all started for me.

This has became so strong on my heart, that I actually created a Facebook page =)  I want to start a movement for as many as I can, to set aside at least one “UNPLUG DAY” each week.  Here is the link to the page: .  Time is the one thing that once we spend it, we can’t get it back.  We either grow in it and make precious memories or waste it and one day wish we had it back.

I will close this post here for now, BUT there is more to come!

I really hope this post helps you get a new view of how to live a Kingdom life.  God has prepared a life just for you and it is AMAZING if you can simply get past the junk of this world.

We would love to hear from you with your questions, prayer requests, and/or praise reports.

So until next time, eyes up & gear up for the best is right at hand!


The Name

The Name

I was reading a book that my wife, Debbie, bought for me. It was written many, many years ago by Brothers Grimm and it is a compilation of many of the original fairy tales. The one I was reading was Rumpelstiltskin. Something interesting that was noted in this book, is some history behind the stories. Most will know of this story, which is about a queen who found herself in a mess. She had to accomplish something impossible. She ended up making a deal with a man named Rumpelstiltskin, but the end result was she had to guess his name to keep her baby. I know I am leaving a lot out, but I think most already know this story. With the help of another, she found out his name and closed the deal in her favor. I took something away from this story, and that was this: “the power of a name”. Rumpelstiltskin’s name had a power to close the deal.

I read about a folk belief that said, “if you knew an evil spirit’s name, you could defeat it”. Let’s change gears here and bring this into a Kingdom perspective. For those that are born again believers, we don’t have to know any name other than the name of Jesus. His name is a name that is above ALL other names. We don’t even have to think about defeating an evil spirit, because they have ALL been defeated forever! Jesus hung on the cross to close the deal on this issue.

Just like the queen in the story, where all she needed was to speak a name and everything was put into order and she was set free. The same goes for us, we just speak the name and BELIEVE and TRUST and things change! But realize change is on a Kingdom time table and not ours. His timing is always perfect in every way, lacking NOTHING!!!!!

So if you are facing what seems to be a mountain like no other you have faced before, then speak His name and believe that He is moving right then on your behalf. But I warn you, don’t make a religion of this – but instead, a lifestyle. Be fully persuaded that His name is above every name and that at His name ALL things have to change!

You are a blessing; I really mean that! I’m always praying for my readers. Debbie and I would love to hear from you. You can post below or send us an email; whichever works best for you.

Until next time, eyes up and gear up for the best is at hand!

Be blessed – Keith & Debbie



He stopped the sun

Joshua 10:13 (AMP) “And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed”

I would love to have seen that miracle play out.  I can just picture all those that day watching & wondering what was going on!

Have you ever wondered what He would do for you to see you succeed in the task at hand?  His reach is limitless, so there is no boundary that can stop Him from moving heaven and earth or even stopping the sun to see you succeed.

Most think too small, but I can picture Joshua that day just looking up and saying, “Hey God, will you do me a favor and stop the sun for me?”  Can you imagine God doing that very same thing for you?  Oh, I can and so much more!  We don’t need to waste time with flowing tears, screaming voices and lengthy theological words; but instead, all we need to do is just talk to Him.

Honestly, is stopping the sun such a great miracle compared to the miracle that manifests when we make Jesus the Lord of our lives?  I never negate the power and awesomeness of any miracle, but can there be one greater than the forgiveness of every sin and the transference into eternal life?  If you are pausing and thinking, let me answer for you.  That’s a big NNNNOOOO!!!!!!  There is no greater miracle – past, present or future.  So whatever you need, even the stopping of the sun, you have it.  You should go through the Word and find all the scriptures that have to do with the power of your words.  One of my favorites is found in Mark 11:23 & 24 (AMP) (23) “Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, Be lifted up and thrown into the sea and does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him.  (24) For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it].”

We would love to hear from you with your praise reports, prayer request or anything else you would like to share below.

I want to end this blog saying Happy Fathers Day to all the guys out there who are blessed enough to be called dad.

Kingdom Thinking Recap – Week 24

Well its time to say good-bye to another week, but the posted Kingdom Thinking thoughts from it are nuggets of Kingdom wisdom you can always use.

Please forward them to others you know, because we can always use a touch of the Kingdom!!

Monday: Kingdom Thinking: Make this a supernatural “I AM” day with all that is spoken from you mouth!

Tuesday:  Kingdom Thinking:  How big is your picture of God?  Then that’s how free He is to move in your life!

Wednesday:  Kingdom Thinking: In hard times, do you start thinking HOW or do you look to HIM?  Matt 6:33

Thursday:  Kingdom Thinking:  Godly boldness shows your trust in His covenant promise. Read Mark 5 & see this in action.

Friday: Kingdom Thinking:  Kingdom success is measured by the life you give and not what you get in life.

Well that’s it for now, but another week is just around the corner….  So eyes up and gear up to take this new week gladiator style.  Rule and dominate every second to it’s fullest and end each day with not a single regret!





I am going to list a few questions you might have asked yourself, as I know I have asked myself these questions before!

1.)  WHY?

2.)  What is my purpose?

3.)  How did I get to this place in life?

What are we seeking when we ask these questions?  Are we seeking answers or purpose, or is it our way of dealing with a lost feeling of life with no direction?  Whatever the case may be, we can’t stop living.  We all have a number of undefined days in life and with each passing one, we have got to know that we made it count in some way.

I’m a dreamer and a visionary and like many, my mind seems to live in “LET’S GO” mode 24/7/365.  But I also have to know that I am a man with a purpose and a WHY and my WHY is not your WHY and unless ordained, no one else can fulfill that WHY!  Still with me?

I look at some great dreamers like Walt Disney, who believed that actually doing the impossible was fun.  I also look at writers like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote masterpieces that have gone beyond their years in what is now future generations and touched our hearts with hope and our minds with adventure, while bringing a Kingdom message to all that watch.  What about Henry Ford, who dreamed of a machine that we could get around on, on it’s own power?  And then there was the legendary John D. Rockefeller,  the first billionaire in history.  Although his life was not perfect, he had strong Kingdom beliefs.  He is quoted to have said,  “I never would have been able to tithe my first million dollars I ever made, if I had not tithed my first salary, which was $1.50 per week.”  It has been said that he gave away over $555 million in his lifetime.

I have always been intrigued by visionary dreamers, those that would take a dream and run with it and not look back.  Those that had value and character and respect that was not demanded but instead, earned, as only it can be truly acquired.

The answer to WHY is in the commission that we have all been called to in life.  The WHY is not really a WHY but instead a WHO.  It’s made up of a global sea of faces.  When we are in our WHY, then we can impact the WHO, which in return is fulfilling the greatest command ever spoken and that is “GO YE”.

So next time you wonder WHY, don’t look inside yourself; but instead, look around you at a lost and dying wold filled with the WHO’s you have been called to touch and make a difference.  BUT to do this, you must know HIM!  You might say HIM WHO?  The HIM that loved you so much HE created you in HIS likeness and created a KINGDOM like no other for you to not just live in, but to rule and reign in.  SO it’s time to know HIM so you can then know WHY and then reach WHO the one true KING of KING’s has called you to and so that you will one day be spoken of as one of those uncommon dreamers of then and now.

So open the door and ask HIM into your life as your LORD and SAVIOR forevermore!


dad scout pic


This blog post is dedicated to my dad, James Peterson Cate II.  He went to heaven on Monday, April 15, 2013.

This week, I have had many people share with me about how my dad did so many things for so many different people.  He was always willing to help anyone and seemed like he could fix anything!  I am pretty sure he owned one of every tool and some things he called tools, I am not even sure what they do! In fact, the Sunday before his death, he stopped and helped a family from church change a flat tire.  He spent many years touching the lives of boys, young men, and adults through the Scouting program.  I myself want to honor his life by carrying on his desire to help others as much as I can.  I love you dad!

Life is truly fragile and is to be handled with care.  Care in the sense that we not waste it and we not allow a day to go by that we don’t make the best of whatever is going on, because in the end, there is no start over or reset button to get back what has been overlooked and lost.  Care that we not take one second for granted with our spouse or children and that we not allow time to pass on our dreams and not live them to the fullest possible.

This care I am speaking of does not represent worry and concern, but instead a love for the life we have been blessed with.

In this blog post, I am not mourning a loss but rejoicing in a victory.  With the daily doom that is poured out over the airwaves via TV, Radio, and Internet, to care for the life we have shows our faith and trust in our heavenly Father above.

I encourage you today to not waste another second of your life, but to care for it and nourish it as the God given gift that it is.  This second you are in is the only one you are guaranteed – so make the best of it for His Kingdom.

So cast the cares and care for this life with a passion that screams I AM ALIVE!

Therefore, eyes up and gear up for the best day of your life is truly at hand.

Feel free to leave your comments, prayer requests and praise reports below.

Gear Up! (Part 4) “Battle Gear”

Gear Up


Every day we are all engaged in an active battle, BUT not in a physical sense.  The battle is spiritual.  (I touched on what the Word says about this in last week’s post.)

Ephesians 6:12 (AMP) “For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotism’s, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere”.

If you were going into a physical battle, you would gear up from head to toe in full armor.  Well then, why would you not enter into a spiritual battle in the same way?  You should gear up for Kingdom warfare!

So, let’s take a look at our Kingdom battle gear! Ephesians 6:

V:14 “Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness,”

Truth and sincerity are the girdle which holds the spiritual armor together.  Then the breast plate of righteousness fortifies the heart against Satan’s attacks.

V:15 “and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;”

Obedience & peace in the midst of the trials of life only comes from clear knowledge of the gospel.  This takes us back to seeking Him first, Matthew 6:33.

V:16 “above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.”

Faith is relying totally on the unseen with a trust that says “No matter what, I will not waiver!”  Life is full of fiery darts that are daily trying to side track you and take you off course.

V:17 “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God;”

The helmet covers that place which becomes a battleground of some really great wars.  All sin starts as a thought.  So it makes sense that we most protect the mind.  The last piece of gear, but certainly not least, is the Sword of Spirit.  It is the very Word of God, the instruction book of life.  There has been no greater success book, romance novel, or adventure ever written.  Matthew 6 verse 33 tells us “to seek first the Kingdom” and that is done through prayer and study time in the Word.  Every question and every problem has an answer to it, and it is in the Word.

All the Armor of God works from the inside out, which again is where Satan works.  I believe this is why in verse 13 where it says “take up”, we must make the decision to “take up” the Armor of God.  The gear has been issued and the battlefield is in full swing, but only the strong kingdom minded ones that take up their armor, will be victorious.

All the pieces of this Armor have such great detail and importance.  Therefore, I encourage you today to “take up” the Sword of the Spirit, the Word; to read it daily and meditate on it.  This is an investment that will yield back into your life a bountiful harvest forevermore.

So eyes up, and gear up! Take the battle of life head on! Live each day with no regrets!