Kingdom Thinking Recap for week 6

I pray this last week was all you needed, wanted and dreamed it would be; BUT if not, well hang tight because a new one is now here…..

I have to share this testimony. My wife, Debbie, and myself, attended “A life time love affair” seminar hosted by Jimmy and Karen Evans, this past Friday and Saturday. It was awesome and eye opening. Even the greatest marriage can be better. Never stop investing!

Here are last week’s Kingdom Thinking thoughts:

Monday: Kingdom Thinking: True success is never measured by money or things but instead by the lives we touch & change.

Tuesday: Kingdom Thinking: Change your life by helping change others!

Wednesday: Kingdom Thinking: Never compromise your standards because of Babylonian pressure! Stand strong!

Thursday: Kingdom Thinking: “Inspiration comes to the daring.” Author unknown

Friday: Kingdom Thinking: Truthfulness to self first starts with truthfulness to God.

Well that’s it for today, but another week is just around the corner….
So eyes up and gear up to take this new week gladiator style. Rule
and dominate every second to it’s fullest and end each day with not a
single regret!

Gear Up! (Part 2) “Rejoice Always”

Gear Up


Last week we focused on the “who we are” and this week we are going to focus on the words “rejoice always”.

I was reading my devotional this weekend and while reading I heard this in my spirit: “Notice Keith, we are to rejoice in all things and not just for all things”. So much of the time, we focus on rejoicing after the breakthrough or when we get a blessing; but that is not what the Word tells us to do.

So let’s take a walk through the Word together.

“Rejoice always”. (I Thessalonians 5:16 NKJV) This scripture is key to success in every storm. Rejoice means to feel or show great joy or delight. So let’s keep reading.

“Pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”. (I Thessalonians 5:17, 18 NKJV)

The amplified says it this way: “Be unceasing in prayer [praying perseveringly]; Thank [God] in everything [no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks], for this is the will of God for you [who are] in Christ Jesus [the Revealer and Mediator of that will]”.
(1 Thessalonians 5:17, 18 AMP)

We can see the command that we are to communicate with God continuously and thank God in everything, no matter what the circumstance might be. Again, “in all things” and not “for all things”.

If I feel a pain in one part of my body, I can always find another part in my body that doesn’t feel pain.

If my finances are down, I can always find a positive place to show where I am not out of the race.

No matter what, I can always find a blue sky on a cloudy day.

And above all, I have assurance in His Word that I am a winner. You have the right every time, to enter into the battles of life FROM victory and not INTO victory. That mindset speaks volumes!

“But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory [making us conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ”. (1 Corinthians 15:57 AMP)

So take a stand right now to find that blue sky this day and rejoice, for you are blessed way beyond what any circumstance might be screaming at you.

Here is the link to part one of “Gear Up!!” posts

So eyes up and gear up to take this new week gladiator style. Rule and dominate every second to it’s fullest and end each day with not a single regret!

Please share below, your thoughts on how you are rejoicing always.

Gear Up!

Gear Up


The term “Gear Up” can mean many different things, depending on the person and the field of expertise they walk in. No matter who you are and what you do, we need to daily “Gear Up” for the day. My life is diverse in so many ways and how I gear up depends on what I am doing that day.  I am the CEO of an International Missions Ministry ( ) and travel and minister. I am also the Co-Founder of MedCo International where we do Basic through advanced First Aid/CPR training, as well as Emergency Response for special events. Another position I hold, is I am the EMS Coordinator/Chaplain for the local fire/rescue service where I could be called out at any given moment for local emergencies. And the list could keep going. Above all these, I am a husband, dad, friend and Kingdom Kid of the most high God.

All this said, I have to gear up in many different ways depending on the moment; the same as many who are reading this blog have to do, as well. But there are some consistent daily steps that I take in gearing up my day, no matter what I am doing or what is going on. They are in my time of spiritual and also physical growth. I try to always start each day with time in the Word and getting fresh direction from God and clarity for the day, as well as put in some physical exercise to keep myself strong and healthy. I call this “taking care of the temple”.

So let’s focus on the spiritual gearing up process. First, who are you? Genesis 1 tells us “We have been created in His Image and likeness”. How cool is that? God did not just “throw us together” but instead, He “molded and perfected” us in His image. When I read this, I see we are a people whose intelligence, perception and determination far exceed any other being on this planet.

We can read another part of the daily gearing up process in verse 28 of Genesis 1: He said, “I have given you dominion”. What does that word dominion mean? Glad you asked =) It means: to rule, power, reign, authority, control. That word dominion was not given in reference to rule over each other, but instead, to rule this beautiful planet and the life He has given to each of us. We are to dominate and not be dominated; but so much of the time, people are dominated because they never gear up for the day. They wake up and wonder what is wrong with themselves or God or whoever they find to blame other than themselves.

I am not trying to be hard, but facts are facts and we have to take responsibility for ourselves at some point. The statement “how you see the glass – half full or half empty” speaks volumes!!!

So I will bring this to a close for this week with this thought. What are you doing to gear up for the day? How we start our day, speaks volumes for how we will finish it. But with that statement, I will add this. It’s never too late to make a fresh start. If you need a fresh start, then just close your eyes right now and picture yourself taking your life and putting it over into God’s hands where it belongs, anyways. Now take a fresh breath and ask God, “What would you have me do?” I have found that God is not moved by lengthy and proper sounding prayers, but instead, by an open heart calling out to Him like any other father. He is always there, no matter how things might feel.

But before all this, we have to leave the “old us” behind and make a fresh start by making Jesus the Lord of our life. That happens with just a few words, simply by saying something like: “Jesus, I am sorry for the life I have lived and ask this day for you to come into my life and make me new. I receive this now, in Jesus name, AMEN”. It’s that easy!

I want to end this post with the statement that I always close my weekly Kingdom Thinking Thoughts recap with. “So eyes up and gear up to take this new week gladiator style. Rule and dominate every second to it’s fullest and end each day with not a single regret!”

So GEAR UP and be ready, for the best days of your life are at hand NOW!!!!!

Please share below, your daily process for “GEARING UP”

Kingdom Thinking Thoughts Recap from Week 4

I spent last week at a Minister’s Conference, sitting under some really anointed “life changing” teaching.

I made the decision last week to not post on the blog other than daily thoughts, because of something I heard in my spirit. John 12:49 (AMP) “This is because I have never spoken on My own authority or of My own accord or as self-appointed, but the Father Who sent Me has Himself given Me orders [concerning] what to say and what to tell”. V:50 “And I know that His commandment is (means) eternal life. So whatever I speak, I am saying [exactly] what My Father has told Me to say and in accordance with His instructions.”

This blog is not now nor has it ever been about me; but instead, it is a journal of my walk in and through the Kingdom.

So what I post on this blog, will be only as always – what I hear from the Throne-room.

Here are last week’s thoughts and my desire is that you will be blessed as you read through them. It does not matter what path you are walking, whether as a King or as a Priest; true and eternal success will only come through Kingdom Revelation.

Monday: Kingdom Thinking: Life is for living, so live it!

Tuesday: Kingdom Thinking: If God is not remembering your sins, then why should you???

Wednesday: Kingdom Thinking: We are the only one we can blame for unfulfilled dreams.

Thursday: Kingdom Thinking: By God’s example, words are for creating so start speaking.

Friday: Kingdom Thinking: Your dream does not have an expiration date on it.

Well that’s it, but another week is now here….   So eyes up and gear up to take this new week gladiator style. Rule and dominate every second to it’s fullest and end each day with not a single regret!



So how’s your communication pathway with God? I hear so many saying they “just don’t know how to pray” while with others they say “I don’t have time to stop and pray”. Then we have those that when they pray it becomes nothing more than a venting session of how bad their life is.

I know God is not moved by long, drawn-out, whiny prayers no more than He is with one filled with a lot of theologically sounding babble But we can still find ourselves rambling in our talk time with Him to a point of honestly getting lost in Words. I found myself recently reading Matthew 6. It’s funny how things strike us differently at times, because I have read this many times, but as I was reading this chapter, it truly reached out and grabbed me differently. When I got to verse 5, my spirit surged and I was off on a journey. I got to verse 7 and saw the words “vain repetitions” and I could see this referring to endless babbling and long, drawn-out prayers that confuse. One thing I believe Jesus taught, was focused prayer. Prayer is a matter of the heart; a conversation if you will.

So let’s take a journey through this prayer in Matthew 6 starting in verse 9.

9 In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.
(Honestly, as we talk to God, it’s not about how holy you can sound because God already knows the real you, so be that who He knows. It’s all about relationship!)

10 Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.
(In this verse the reader is recognizing God’s way as the way; not just later but in the here and now in every situation.)

11 Give us this day our daily bread.
(We recognize in this verse that God is our supplier. The Bible talks more about your prosperity than anything else. God has more than shown His constant desire that you be fully taken care of. It’s not by obligation He fills this but instead because of love.)

12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
(This scripture, just as in Mark 11, states that we are forgiven but also that we must forgive.)

13 And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
(Let’s not get confused here in thinking that God brings things on His children. If He was going to do that, then why would He want to send His son Jesus to pay a full price for us? We are recognizing and declaring a hedge of protection around us and our families.)

Again, this is just one area that my daily journey took me to in simplifying my life. How do you find yours? By daily seeking Him and refusing to be a carrier of the weights of life.

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So leave your thoughts on prayer below.



sim·pli·fy (ˈsimpləˌfī) Verb – Make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand.

I have been focusing in my last two blogs on casting the cares and not being carriers of them. We are still going to be on that same path even with the title I chose this week.

1 Peter 5:7 (AMP) “Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.”

The word “care” – Merimna (Strongs #3308) from meiro “to divide” & noos, “the mind”. The word denotes distractions, anxieties, burdens, & worries. Merimna means to be anxious about daily life.

So now that we have done that little word study, let’s move forward with this thought to simplify even deeper. When I talk about simplifying, we could actually take that in so many different ways. It could be in how we are looking at things or how we complete a started task or project. To others it might mean lightening the loads of life. Honestly, the true meaning of simplifying one’s life, is found in them and them alone. We can seek the help of others and we can read all the self help books that are written, but until we first find ourselves, nothing else can eternally be done.

I love Matthew 6:33 (AMP) “But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.”

The focus is to seek the Kingdom and via that journey, we find His ways. When we find His ways, we too then can find our way and by Grace we can complete His calling for our lives. Life was never meant to be complicated, but by decisions made, it becomes that way. By decisions, we can now simplify that which was made complicated. HOW? By casting the cares, anxieties, burdens, and worries that so easily complicate daily life, if we allow it to.

Please leave your thoughts below.

Kingdom Thinking Thoughts Recap for the Week of September 17th

Well another week has come and gone and it has now become a part of history in your life!  For some, the week might have been great and for others, you might be thanking God that it’s over.  Whichever one fits your life, the Word tells us “old things have passed away and behold all has become new”.  So no matter what history has held, today is a new day and tomorrow will take care of itself. So make the best of the here and now and pursue your passion with all you are and all you have.

Here is a recap of last week’s Kingdom Thinking Thoughts.  I pray each one comes alive in you as you read them.

Monday – Kingdom Thinking: Trying to figure out tomorrow steals away the day.

Tuesday – Kingdom Thinking: The journey of life might have detours; but relax, because they are building growth.

Wednesday – Kingdom Thinking: Discipleship is first lived in us and then imparted into others!

Thursday – Kingdom Thinking: Respect & relationship is key to success.

Friday – Kingdom Thinking: Success begins at the very first step.  True victory comes by first making Jesus Lord of your life and then understanding and walking in Kingdom Reality.

Debbie and I would love to hear from you with your questions, comments, prayer requests and/or testimonies.  We pray you have a truly blessed day and week in all that you put your hands to do!

Kingdom Thinking Thought Recap for the week of September 3rd….

Greetings to all my friends and family.

What an awesome God we serve! When we know whose we are, then we
can also discover who we are!

I pray each of the Kingdom Thinking Thoughts come alive in you as you
read them.

Monday – Kingdom Thinking: We cannot have a critical spirit and a
humble heart dwelling in the same person.

Tuesday – Kingdom Thinking: Your design is by purpose and not by chance!
Genesis 1:26-28

Wednesday – Kingdom Thinking: Provision flows to a Kingdom centered life.

Thursday – Kingdom Thinking: You are uncommon, not bound by natural
laws! So start living like it!

Friday – Kingdom Thinking: Design your day through the eyes of God & not man.

True victory comes by first making Jesus Lord of your life and then
understanding and walking in Kingdom Reality.

Debbie and I would love to hear from you with your questions,
comments, prayer requests and or testimonies. We pray you have a truly
blessed week in all that you put your hands to do!

Promotion – Part 1


What is promotion? Webster calls promotion, “the act or fact of being raised in position or rank”. From the very beginning of time, God created a world where all men and women were to be equal. But after the fall of man, that view became non-existent. Man became gods in their own eyes and we suddenly created a ranking system based upon fame, finances, and power. That did not stop in only the world, but it also oozed its way into the life of Christians, as well.

I will try to explain why I made that last statement. If you look at the world and look at the political /government body or the Hollywood wannabe’s, you see people obsessed with status; not love and respect for mankind. You can see it in the events they hold and the social gatherings they attend. The body of Christ is the same in a lot of ways. I watch ministers and business owners who follow the same pecking order; by those who they allow around them and who they associate themselves with. I see ministers run off the platform after ministry time and only allow a select few to have access to them; and again, the same is done in the business world. Correct me if I am wrong….. but, did Jesus do this? Did He have a status list that He went by to who were allowed around Him and who was not? Just in case you are thinking about this, NO and NO! The God kind of love has no boundaries or defining lines for who we allow in our lives. Ask the prostitute, the leper, and the list goes on and on. Jesus had no boundaries on His love as He walked this earth because it was God’s love walking in the flesh. (The greatest example I have known in my lifetime of a man of God that walked in this same excellence as Jesus did, by allowing any and all around him, was my father-in-law, the late Dr. Jim Zirkle).

This really is not the thrust of my post this week. My thrust is really to focus on your promotion. Even though we know His design, the world is not structured around it. So promotion in an earthly sense has become a part of our lives. But know this; nothing in life is worth the sacrifice of your character. If it requires the sacrifice of character, then it is not worth the fruit that will come of it.

So what should promotion be to us? I am glad you asked! Promotion to us should be the reward for a life of character showing through in all that we do. Our character should shout excellence without us speaking a word and via that demonstration of our character, the doors of promotion will open and even in places you never expected it.

There is more to come next week on this subject, so be sure to come back and continue this journey with us!

Debbie and I would love to hear from you. You can post your comments below or send us an email directly through our contact page. Until next week, keep pressing forward!

His way is perfect…

ImageMany of the issues we have today are the direct response to the fact that people get a glimpse of God and His Son, Jesus, in the church but the revelation of His Kingdom is missed.  We speak on love, grace, faith, prosperity and every other topic we can find, but never giving people a foundation with which to stand on with those topics.  It’s like a car seat with no car or an ink pen with no ink cartridge; it’s only a part of the pieces we need to have completeness.

 In 2 Samuel 22:31AMP version it says, “As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried.  He is a Shield to all those who trust and take refuge in Him.”  If God’s way is perfect, then His Kingdom is perfect and if His Kingdom is perfect, then everything pertaining to it is perfect.  All the topics I mentioned above are topics of the Kingdom, but they are not the Kingdom.  We need to build people a Kingdom reality and then fill it with the pieces from there.  But, instead, we give them the pieces and hope that they can put them altogether for themselves.  This is where frustration and loss of hope come into the picture. 

 We tell them to pray and receive their healing or financial miracle without teaching them the Kingdom and so they never fully realize that miracles are simply a natural law of the Kingdom and nothing more than luck in the worldly kingdom.  Kingdom reality is the key to walking in what God has for you as either Kings or Priests. 

There is much more to come!!!!