Kingdom Thinking Recap – Week 36

Well it’s time to say good-bye to another week, but the posted Kingdom Thinking thoughts from it are nuggets of Kingdom wisdom you can always use. Please forward them to others you know, because we can always use a touch of the Kingdom!!

Monday: Kingdom Thinking: Don’t water down your dreams for comfort’s sake.

Tuesday: Kingdom Thinking: It’s time to move beyond “business as usual”!

Wednesday: Kingdom Thinking: Do not let society define the culture you live in.

Thursday: Kingdom Thinking: NO POST

Friday: Kingdom Thinking: Ignite your surroundings with positive momentum.

Here are the links to my two recent blog post:
The God of Restoration!

Well that’s it for now, but a new and fresh week has begun…. So eyes up and gear up to take this new week gladiator style. Rule and dominate every second to it’s fullest and end each day with not a single regret!

The God of Restoration


When it comes to the topic of restoration, it’s either the Kingdom way or the flesh way. I myself like the Kingdom way, because it has an eternal benefit like no other. The flesh way has nothing but maybe if anything, temporary satisfaction followed with possible grief and other non-healthy feelings and emotions.

I have not seen full restoration for all that has been taken….YET; but, life is not over and so I have expectation for my full multiplied restoration in all areas of
my life.

If you have no expectation for multiplied restoration, then you have not lined yourself up with His Word. Now I know He has given you the ability to settle for less, (if you so desire) but WHY would you want to do that????

Proverbs 6:31 (AMP) But if he is found out, he must restore seven times [what he stole]; he must give the whole substance of his house [if necessary–to meet his fine].

So if God’s Word says seven times, then why would you not expect seven times? Don’t get hung up on the “how of the restoration”. Just rest assured that the multiplied restoration is yours.

I can take you through Leviticus, Exodus and other books of the Bible, where it plainly lays out multiplied restoration as God’s plan for restoration.

Job received multiplied restoration in 42:10.

So you choose – God’s plan or yours, as your focus for restoration. But do not allow yourself to get dismayed over delayment of time; rest knowing that God’s timing is perfect.

July Mission Trip Update:

group pic 15

Below is a link to pictures from the Living Water Teaching July youth group to Guatemala. They ministered the drama 13 times to 2,221 people and the results were: 1,157 Salvations and 45 Reconciliations. PRAISE THE LORD! Email us at to find out how you can go and be a part of one of the life changing mission trips LWT holds throughout the year. click this link to see the pictures:

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