Guest Post By Rachel Curtis – Founder P31 Fitness

P31 Fitness

Greetings to all and I pray this New Year you are walking in is the best one yet. I am so excited about this New Year and all that God is doing in my life and ministry. I have set goals for myself that I know I can’t do alone, but rest in His word that says “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”.

This first post of the New Year is a guest post from the founder of P31 Fitness, Rachel Curtis. My wife is a part of one of the P31 groups here in Texas and she has not been just physically blessed but also spiritually blessed. P31 stands for Proverbs 31 and as we all know, it is talking to the women; but guys, don’t stop here – because YOU need this maybe even more than the ladies do! I know you will be blessed by this post, so read on!!!!!

By Rachel Curtis:
It is interesting to me to watch people every New Year with fitness and goals. Everyone is “trying” programs to see if they will “work” for them. That is a FUNNY statement to me. Will it work? There is not a magic pill, there is not a magic workout, not a magic program. It is about YOU making the decision that YOU are WORTH the time to truly make the change. To dig deep, to take care of all parts of health, and to admit that it is the habits we have that have caused us to be where we are today. What about just good health habits, a hard workout, working on all parts of health, and taking responsibility for all areas of health? Stop looking for magic. Just put in the hard work, dedication, introspection, and discipline. YOU are WORTH it! So… instead of asking if a program “works”, realize that a program works when YOU work on YOU!!!!

During this time of year, everyone is in the process of making resolutions. Some are resolving to be more organized, some to lose weight, some to be more disciplined, and the list goes on and on.

The only problem with resolutions is that they tend to only last about 2-3 weeks (maybe a few more if you are really dedicated) and then it is back to old habits, old ways, and a feeling of discouragement arises; failure again. Or so the lies scream….

Let’s try something new – and this year, I want to challenge you to make resolutions that WILL LAST!

A few guidelines:
Don’t be extreme
Don’t be absolute
Be gracious on yourself
Allow room for mistakes and error
Be patient
Be kind

Here are 10 solid resolutions that you can keep this year!

1) Begin each day on your knees and give the day to GOD.

2) Do some kind of movement every day.

3) Listen to your body! Eat when hungry, stop when satisfied!

4) Focus on God, others, and ways to serve those around you.

5) Don’t get so caught up in diets and food rules that can get your focus more on yourself than on God.

6) Un-clutter your life by praying before committing to activities.

7) Journal often.

8) Spend time with God and His Word regularly.

9) Love and serve others as if serving God.

10) Live for an Audience of One – seek the approval of God alone.

Our program, P31 Fitness, empowers women of all ages and fitness levels to experience freedom Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically through a unique fitness environment. All women should feel empowered to be all that God has created us to be each day. May we all work on creating realistic goals for the New Year for this year!

One area we truly can all make improvements upon, is in the area of nutrition. P31 Fitness asks that you take a new approach to nutrition – called “Listen and Lose”.

Have you ever gotten all geared up for a new “diet,” done well for a few days, and then fallen off the wagon? We have all been there. Diets seldom work, because they only create more rules for us to follow. With diet rules, it is easy to set yourself up for failure. When “cheating” occurs, it is easy to go off the diet. Begin to listen to your body. Learn to listen to your basic hunger and fullness scale inside your body. Your body will tell you what and how much you need, if you will just begin to tune in to the hunger and fullness mechanism. It is about freedom.

Lastly, it is important for young girls and women to see their worth and purpose in life. Because of my own background and struggles with nutrition, fitness, and other areas, I feel I can relate to all types of women. There is an answer to our struggles, and it must be based upon TRUTH!

God created us all special and unique, and He wants us to FEEL worthy and FREE every day. I believe that we were meant to take care of the bodies that God has given us each day and that when we take care of ourselves, we are better equipped to take care of those around us each day.

To learn more about our program, and how to get involved, visit our website:
Thank you Rachel for this really awesome Blog post and to all that are reading this, I encourage you to find a P31 group in your area and take the challenge.

Click this link to listen to a radio spot for P31 Fitness.

So that’s it for this week, but as I always say, “Eyes up and gear up for the best is now at hand”. I challenge you to take this week gladiator style, holding nothing back, giving life your all. Making the decision to live life on purpose with purpose. Until next time, keep pressing forward!