The following is something I wrote on 9-10-02 in remembrance of 9/11.  I thought I would share it once again here on the Facebook world.   Have a blessed day – Keith

To all that take the time to read this.  Please look past any misspelled words or anything else that might not be correct.  It’s 11:15 pm on 9-10-02 and we draw very near to 9-11.  A day that will never again go unnoticed.  A day in history when an entire country came together to mourn an attack like no other.  As I watched from our ministry office, the events of that morning unfold, I could not believe what I was watching.  As the airplanes pushed their way into the mighty structures and the smoke billowed out, I knew what was coming next.  Men and women were called to duty.  They answered the call never looking back.  Never saying, “Maybe I should not help because I might die.”  No!  Instead, men and women came together in one commo

n goal; to put someone else first.  Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Police Officers, Doctors, Lawyers – people from every walk of life.  I know as these people hurried towards those massive structures, they were forever changing history.  They were setting a standard which our very country was founded on and that is “never counting the cost for putting others first”.  Throughout history, men and women have lain their lives on the line for others to have freedom and this day was no different.  They were going in hope that they could give freedom to someone.  In the blink of an eye, as the massive structures crashed to the ground, we knew that many had just given their life once more trying to bring freedom.  They laid their life on the line and never looked back.  Some may say, “I would never do that.  That was stupid to risk death just to try and bring freedom to someone you don’t know.”  But I say they are HEROES.  Now those that lived through that moment would never say, “Yes I am a hero”  because it’s just a natural response to a call for help.  This day you have heroes all around you.  As you go to work or walk through stores or just drive around, you see them.  Some wear a gun and some charge the heat of a fire head-on and some are there in moments of sickness and distress, just to name a few.  But wherever they are, to them they are not heroes but just doing another day on the job.  Answering a call in a time of need.  So as I watched those men and women enter the area of destruction, I knew what was going through their minds.  These servants don’t do this for themselves, but instead they do this for someone else.  Again, that is what our entire history is based on.  From the time Jesus walked the earth, until now and forever, it has always been about someone else.  Today is no different.  This day should be about someone else.  No matter what you do in life, it should always be about others.  So look around you today.  See what you can do for others.  Never count the cost to help someone in need.  Please pray today for those that put their lives on the line to help.  Take a second and share with them just how much you appreciate what they do.  I pray this makes sense.  I’m sure that there are some misspelled words along with a few mistakes here and there, but I think you will understand the point.

Be Blessed,

Keith Spanberger

Executive Director–Living Water TeachingFire

Fighter/EMT/Chaplain Caddo Mills Fire/Rescue

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