Kingdom Thinking Thoughts Week October 1st

Hard to believe another week has come and gone and that we only have 87 days left in this year. We do not have any time to waste in fulfilling our dreams. Time wasted can never be gotten back, so stay focused.

Here is a recap of last week’s Kingdom Thinking Thoughts. I pray each one comes alive in you as you read them.

Monday – Kingdom Thinking: Don’t let passion killers into your life. Stress, strife, sin, worry, etc…

Tuesday – Kingdom Thinking: Through the Word, turn challenges into stepping stones for promotion.

Wednesday – Kingdom Thinking: God makes the supernatural, natural for us.

Thursday – Kingdom Thinking: Miracles are common in God’s Kingdom.

Friday – Kingdom Thinking: You are designed to do extraordinary things.

Debbie and I would love to hear from you with your questions, comments, prayer requests and/or testimonies. We pray you have a truly blessed day and week in all that you put your hands to do!

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