Kingdom Thinking Recap week of November 5th


I am posting this from the beautiful country of Guatemala.

After an election that did not go the way I thought it would, I was amazed at all the words that flowed forth; words with no faith, and filled with doubt and unbelief. I could see too many Christians with their eyes on man
and not on God.

We have got to trust in God first and foremost and as the Word says:
“casting every care”. We are not made to be carriers but instead casters of the things of life. So right now, make a decision to cast every care and put your eyes on Him once and for all. The purpose of Kingdom Thinking, is to bring Kingdom revelation to the body of Christ.

I pray that as you read through last week’s thoughts, you get a refreshing and re-firing for the new week that is just around the corner.

Kingdom Thinking: Decide today to not be your own source and let God be. It’s first a decision, then an action.

Kingdom Thinking: Your Kingdom success will not be decided at the polls today but was decided over 2,000 years ago on the cross.

Kingdom Thinking: If our eyes are on God then we have nothing to fear!

Kingdom Thinking: At the fiery furnace, their trust in God screamed out louder than the natural power of fire! How loud is your trust in Him?

Kingdom Thinking: We must realize as Kingdom Kids that right living is corrupted by wrong words.

Debbie and I would love to hear from you, so feel free to post your comments, thoughts and praise reports below.

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