Letting God’s peace reign…

Lately, I have been praying, reading & meditating on the peace of God.  It really made me think about how we could never step into our calling outside of His peace.  His peace is the foundation to our faith because where there is no peace we have fear & worry and faith cannot dwell there.  That’s like trying to make light and darkness dwell together and it is just not possible.

Now you may say, “How can I have peace with all that I am going through”?  Godly peace is not based on where we are or what is going on in our lives.  Godly peace comes from a heart that lives in an assurance that no matter what is going on, He perfects that which concerns them.  His peace inside us makes the Word final in everything.  So, you can be going through what you feel would be the worst thing possible but yet right in the middle of it, you have peace.  Our soldiers on the front lines could be right in the middle of a hot zone with a fire fight going on all around them but be in a peace that surpasses ALL understanding.  You might say, “Well that is just not possible,” but I say it is.  When I read the Word, I read about three men in a fiery furnace at peace.  I can read about a man in the lions den at total peace.  The Word is full of those moments and we walk in even a greater revelation and assurance through the Blood of Jesus.  So again, where we are or what we are going through should not be allowed to determine our peace.

Once we step into and dwell in His peace, then we can move into that calling He has called us to and be effective at fulfilling our part of The Great Commission.  No matter what He calls you to do, it will take His peace to be successful at it.

So let His peace rule & reign over ALL other things this day & forever more!!!

2 thoughts on “Letting God’s peace reign…

  1. I first experienced the full Peace of God as I bent over my 8 year old son who had just been struck by a van. I was at peace because I knew he had excepted the Lord and he would be alright – whether he lived or died. I knew our family was in God’s loving hands and all things work for the good for those who love the Lord. A series of miracles followed – he’s 26 now and fine.

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