Finding The Time – week 29

Well this blog entry is telling on me, but you might also find “you” in it!

I am guilty, guilty, guilty BUT forgiven, forgiven, forgiven and always and forevermore forgiven!  Do you ever find yourself trying to find the time to get everything done while forgetting what it was that needed to be done in the first place?  Let me explain that a little more.  It’s a new day but it starts all wrong;  first by getting up late and then missing your morning devotional and exercise time.  You rush through the house trying to get done everything that needs to be done, all the time kicking yourself for getting up late for whatever the reason was.   As you go throughout the day, now it seems like everything is out of whack and you are running against the clock and when the end of the day does come and your head hits the pillow, you sigh and ask yourself, “What happend”?!?

Does this sound familiar?   If it does, then lets you and I take a stand for a new day, one we have control over and not letting it control us.  Time is truly the only thing we have that is ours and it is also our most valuable asset being we can’t make more and we can’t get back what we wasted.  Today is the only thing that matters.  I cannot change what was (yesterday) nor worry about a day that I am not guaranteed (tomorrow).   BUT being I am here and now, then today is
what I am to focus on.  God wants us to take this day that He has made, and make the best of it – not on our own abilities and supply, but instead on His and His alone.

So how do we get control of the “here and now” so that we can get to the “yes and amen”?  First, step away from all your previous ideas of how it is supposed to be.  You cannot conquer today with yesterday’s battle plan.  Every day is new and so is the battle plan for the day. We should have a daily AM routine that first creates an environment of peace and gets us into a place where we can get direction.  Taking those first few moments of the day and stretching and getting some exercise, has a two-fold effect.  One is physically – as we stretch and take those deep breaths in and out, our body is oxygenated throughout which brings a renewing to it, head to toe.  Then spiritually – as we take time to read the Word and meditate on it, we also gain mental and spiritual clarity on how to handle the things we might encounter in the day.  Just in these two things, we have set new foundations on which to stand and as we move forward, we are strengthened to conquer and overcome and not be defeated and overtaken.

So let’s move ahead and create a new day of victory and learn from each day what does and dos not work.  This is easily done by journaling your life.


Take the next 31 days and journal each day from the time you get up until the time you lay down.  Note your habits, the mistakes you made and the mountains you conquered.  Create a plan and stay with it – that involves both a physical and spiritual kickstart first thing each morning when your feet hit the floor.  Be honest!!!

I would love to hear back from you on how this went, your testimonies and whatever else you would like to share or even ask.   You can email me at directly or post your thoughts and comments on this blog.  Always remember to keep pressing forward and DO NOT LOOK BACK!

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