Living Your Dream

In this post, I want to write about something that is a key to a truly joyful and successful life.  I remember a statement the late Dr. James Zirkle, my father-in-law (and also the Co-Founder of the ministry my wife, Debbie, and I are CEO’s over), used to make.  He would say, “One of the greatest regrets that old people have is that they never took enough chances in life”.  I just turned 44 last month (June 2012) and I know that even in my own life, I have not taken great steps, much less big risks, to fulfill the dreams God has given to me.

But let’s not look at what was, but instead what is and could be.  Today, this very second, is a new moment in your life and it’s time to move forward with a fresh and new commitment to the fulfilling of your dreams.   You are not too old until you are dead and buried!  So if you are reading this, then you are apparently not dead and buried, so toss out the excuses and get on with it.  We have played the “whiner game” long enough.  Most people could not even tell you clearly what their dream is, because although they have one, they have never taken the time to write it down much less count the cost to even start it.

So what do you do from here?  I am glad you asked!  If you are already following the plan I have been proposing through this blog, then you are journaling your life for 31 days.  Well, here is where we start; write your dream down in your journal at this very moment.  Write down your dreams, be detailed, and draw pictures; who cares how it may look or sound.  I am sure when Thomas Edison talked about an object to produce light, all those around him probably thought “you are crazy”, but look at where we are today!  I have a light above me while I type this, because of a man and his dream.

The Bible says “write the vision and make it plain”- so take that to heart this day and act upon it.  I believe there is someone, somewhere, whose dream will make a difference in others’ lives to a greater level than they could ever imagine.  I can tell you this, every time I find myself dreaming, I see the faces of those that my dream is truly there for.  Our life is not about us, but instead about those that we have been called to reach out to.

I can’t wait to hear the fruit of change that will come in the lives of those that are taking this challenge.


Continue your 31 day journal, adding into it now your dreams and as you have a dream, write it down in detail and leave nothing out.

Prayers over Aurora, Colorado

As the world saw the horror unfold from the attack in Aurora, CO we witnessed another picture of how badly the world needs to come together in prayer and stay there.  So it is when things get bad, we start praying together, and then after a time, we stop until the next horrible event happens.  I am tired of “we the people” allowing these satanic attacks to happen in a world that God created for us, in which we were made to dominate and not be dominated over.  We need to take a stand once and for all and make Godly values be something we live and not just talk about; we need to not only run to Him in bad times.  Let’s not let Aurora, CO be just another event that after time we let go of, but instead let it be the wake-up call that the world needs to say “ENOUGH”.   It’s time we take a global stand against these things like this that keep happening and pray like never before.  Do not let the lives that were taken or injured go silent; but instead, be the voice of change globally for us all.

As you do pray for the people of Aurora, please pray for the families and friends of those that lost their lives and for those that were injured both physically and emotionally.  Also be praying for the first responders (policemen, firemen, EMT’s and paramedics, etc) who will forever live with the images they saw as they tried to save the lives of those that were alive and also those that could not be saved.  Pray that God would rest His perfect peace upon all their homes and that they can move forward from hurt into a place of peace, victory and forgiveness!  Pray that the victory in this time will be God’s and that the world will finally put aside its selfish wants and desires and that His Kingdom will rise up so that God can be glorified forevermore.

Debbie and I would love to hear back from you , your testimonies and whatever else you would like to share or even ask.   You can email me at directly or post your thoughts and comments on this blog.  Always remember to keep pressing forward and DO NOT LOOK BACK!

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