Kingdom Thinking Recap for Week 1

Wow, it’s so exciting that 2013 is here! I am truly excited about this year. I have been hearing in my spirit, that 2013 would be the year of great Kingdom Revelation. But it will not come to those that are not seeking Him. He has to be your priority!

I was ready to start the Kingdom Thinking thoughts back into full speed ahead mode and so here is the first recap for this blessed new year!

Monday: (Blank on purpose).

Tuesday: Kingdom Thinking: Allow no regrets from 2012 into 2013.

Wednesday: Kingdom Thinking: Make it a point to find the good in every day, no matter what! It’s simply your decision to make.

Thursday: Kingdom Thinking: Excuses for why you’re not in your YES are nothing more than anchors of weakness.

Friday: Kingdom Thinking: Procrastination if allowed becomes the silent killer of our peace.

Well the first week has come and gone and week two is already here. So eyes ahead and gear up to take this new week gladiator style. Rule and dominate every second to it’s fullest and end each day with not a single regret!

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